The Phone Courtesan

A Rainy Day Thought

It’s another rainy day.

Saturday, typically a day for errands. Might I suggest that the most important errand on a chilly never ending dark rainy day, is that we return to bed naked, snuggle in the down comforter, and watch each other pleasure ourselves?

Masturbating together…just a rainy day thought.

Autumnal Release

…a characteristic of, or occurring in autumn…

The shocking brisk surprise of cooler mornings and nights, the changing sunshine, vibrant leaf coloring, leaves falling, sometimes raining down when it is windy, squirrels frantic in winter preparations, mums, asters, pumpkins and squash, root vegetables, baking resumes, pasta dishes, home made hot soups, evenings becoming darker sooner, hot tea in the afternoons, fighting the urge to not yet give in and turn the heat on, soft warm sweaters, finding those comfy long sleeve shirts you’ve not seen since last year…so many lovely signs that the seasons are changing.

Our bodies feel it. The cooler snuggle down in the blankets weather, and the permeating darkness that begins to take over our days…pulls on us to slow down, want to go to bed earlier, and we struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

Is it any surprise that darker cooler days can lead to needing warmer connection? One obvious solution, great hot sex. Reality, not all of us mammals have that option available to us. But we can all masturbate. I love that word. A truly satisfying way to give that needed self love and care. Nothing warms the body, soul, and self like feeling alive sexually, connecting us to thousands of years of the ever evolving sensual life giving force of our planet. Sex is a natural relaxant bringing us back to ourselves. How fucking satisfying it is to feel yourself worked up to a physical release. We sleep better, think better, certainly feel better.

We know ourselves well. Touching, slowly enticing, encouraging to excite. Feel yourself grow harder, letting your cock spring into the life force it is meant to be. Now you can give your growing hardness your full attention, stroking gently for teasing, or faster answering the demand. Slowing down, making it last longer, letting yourself ride on the wave of the self control you try to maintain. You have choices with self care. You can masturbate with a frenzy and ejaculate hard. You can slowly masturbate, and tease that erection, into a deeper intense release. I love watching you stroke your cock.  I love watching you masturbate.

I thank you for allowing me to join you while you are masturbating. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to masturbate with you. Sharing mutual self love is a warming thought indeed.


In the best of situations connecting can be difficult. Kind of crazy when you think about the myriad of ways we are all now so easily connected. Quick responses are just at our fingertips. While in many ways it has expedited our work and personal lives with those short quick answers that are indeed needed at the moment, I am afraid for me with all the technology in our lives, it feels so much more disconnecting. I miss the hand written notes, cards and letters. I miss seeing the personal penmanship of  those wanting to share their news and thoughts with me. That is why I value and treasure my grandparents and parents cards and letters. Seeing their hand writing takes me right back to my long lost memories of them. I don’t want to lose those connections.

Re-Connecting is to be treasured as well. In our busy worlds I do and I have lost contact with some of my phone lovers. I have spoke of this before, and it is not a fault of anyone, It is the evolving of our lives that can bring about the change. Sometimes it is truly my fault. I have learned during my fathers death last year, that I do need time to step back and heal. Grieving made it very difficult to feel alive, and sexy. I have always prided myself in taking my time with you seriously, giving you my undivided attention and energies. It truly shocked me when I felt I had nothing to give. I am grateful to feel alive again. I am grateful for the returning of energy, desires for sex, and the need to feel you again. I receive so much from all of you in uniquely wonderful ways. I need you.

Recently, there have been incredible reconnections of my long lost lovers. I share this because, while yes we are using that dreaded evil technology to connect via the phone, it is YOU I hear. It allows us to reconnect. I love knowing you through hearing your voice, the inflection of your tone, the updates of your world and life, your laugh, and your genuine self. Your sexual self. You have nothing to loose sharing with me, because the phone protects us both. We are truly “US” when we connect together, as we are safe in our moment we are sharing. Ohh, when I feel that simmering ache in you as our conversation continues to grow bolder, and you become harder, and I have you, and you are mine. You let me care for you again. You let me experience you. You let me love you through that moment.

The irony of our connection, is that I sometimes need you more than you think you need me.

Thank you for being with me.

Magical Autumn 2019
September 16, 2019, 4:09 pm
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Autumn is my favorite season. But honestly, I wonder if I have that opinion as each new season approaches. By time a new season begins to appear, it seems we are ready for the change and differences that seasons allows for us to take in. Autumns arrival with brisk damp weather changes, foggy mornings, new vibrant leaf colors, leaves falling,  cold wet grass under my bare feet for morning walks with my dogs, and darkness is creeping in earlier. Bring on the candles. On timers of course, and clicking on its hopeful twinkles around 7pm every night.

Magical Autumn ideas to help put you in the mood: take time out to visit a pumpkin patch: support your farmers, drink hot apple cider, visit a corn maze, watch football, take a hayride, make an apple pie, visit a haunted house, go apple picking,  enjoy a bonfire and roast marshmallows to make s’mores, eat caramel apples, movie night under blankies with hot cocoa…

Speaking of under the blankies… Hmmmm, what do autumn days trips have to do with sex? Everything. Get yourself in balance. Let your body and your mind take in the seasonal changes. The mammal in us knows autumn is here. Honor yourself by embracing the season. Relax, and walk barefooted in the grass until it’s just too damn cold.

Listen to your body. If you think bare feet on the grass feels soothing and grounds you to the universe, try going outside with lets say your robe on, and no underwear. Allow the outside air and breezes to just lick your skin. Incredibly arousing. Allow sunshine on your cock. Find the privacy and feel the last bit of summer warmth as autumn sneaks in. Masturbate outside. Stroke yourself while the breeze surrounds you and your hand lazily takes control and makes you cum. Cum outside. Release, and Feel the difference…


A Woman’s Breasts
August 18, 2019, 12:52 pm
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Yes, before you even ask…this is me.

I came across this Old picture, and remembered how I love this bra. Black is always sexy. Lacey design is always sexy. Frankly breasts are sexy.

What would a phone sex blog be without a sexy racy picture once in awhile? Wink Wink.

You’re welcome. Enjoy. And have a great Sunday.

Real Lives, Both Sides
August 18, 2019, 12:35 pm
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In my chosen livelihood spontaneity is an agreed delicious component. Albeit not always easy to make happen.

While we both enjoy our fantasy, alas we both have real lives. There are simply times I am not available at a moments notice. Frustrating. But, then again should I find myself in the mood for you and our ways together you are not available to me. Frustrating. Ahh, the nature of our seductive beast we have both played a part in creating.

I love our time together. I love our sex together. I love how you can take me into worlds that are ours, and ours alone. Thank you, thank you.

I realize my callers cum and go. Yes, pun intended. By the way, during the next football game you watch, listen for all the sexual innuendos…I admit thoroughly enjoying that. Anyway as was saying, my life, your life, and with our increasing ages, some of our life changes will be requiring much of our time and energies. And that my folks is just life. We both know that Great sex, that takes us away from it all and allows for a bit of hedonistic me time,  does require extra time and extra energies. I thank you for understanding the space I sometimes need. Just as I understand your need to be elsewhere in your life, or even the need to discontinue our relationship. We all change. I hope you know that I always think of you, and always hope everything is well in your life. As for me, should I ever quit adding this wondrous sexual aspect to my life, I will let it be known to you.

If you have moved on, I wish you well and great contentment in your life.

Oh, and of coarse a life full of fabulous sex.

The Life Force of a Female
August 17, 2019, 10:45 pm
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The life force of a female should be intoxicating. Everyone knows Females are a formidable force of nature. There was a time only female names were used to announce a new hurricane. But, men are slowly catching up, as you too have been given that torrential badge of honor.

Personally I take pleasure in being a force to be reckoned with. It lends ones self to being unpredictable and mysterious. It also allows for women to be quite powerful calling on and using those energies.

The life force of a female. If women are genuinely in touch with themselves, honoring their bodies and intuition we can be in a state of powerful control. I savor the balance I find between nature and nurture. From bare feet reconnecting us to mother earth, to sipping wine on my back deck as I watch how the moon caresses my pond. And All the little natural pleasures I find daily as I walk on this beautiful sensually energizing planet we call earth only add to my confidence. Balance of nature and our crazy world, is hugely vital.

The life force of a female. Owning my self assurance, while listening to your body, your ways, your desires and needs…that is the power that feeds me. I enjoy knowing I can influence and direct you on our journey together. If all women would simply claim their own internal sex goddess my goodness, I’m not sure you would know what to do with us.