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My goodness how our world has changed. It is a lot to digest.

My last post centered on a delicious erotic indulgence, (basically me) 😉 and I was so looking forward to the end of our dreary winter hibernation.

Now we all find ourselves right back into hibernation, only this time for our own health and safety of others, we must comply.

Most importantly, I wish good health for you, and your families. Please practice the recommended social distancing, and stay home as much as you can.

We are finding new ways to be distantly social, and still stay safe. Keep up the good work. This gives us more time with our fur babies, walks, movie binging, and the humans that you hold dear to you in your life.

The irony of this social distancing is that’s always been the epitome of my livelihood. As you know,  You and I practice social distancing every time we share ourselves with each other. It is that masking safety net in our erotic world we’ve created so we can allow ourselves to share the deepest most private parts of ourselves.

Having said that, this new CDC recommendation of social distancing, truly does keep you and I apart, even at our level of enjoyment. You have no more privacy, you’re not traveling, and therefore we cannot speak with one another. This is incredibly frustrating, on many levels. 😉

Please take good care of yourself, and know I am thinking of you.

Know I am very much looking forward to our re-connecting…



It was recently said to me, that I was an indulgence


* a gratification of desire

* an occasion of when you allow someone or yourself to have something enjoyable

* giving way to one’s desires

* giving yourself something that you don’t need

Self Indulgence:

* indulging in one’s own desires, passions, whims, etc.

* to have or do the things you enjoy very much

I confess, looking at an Indulgence in this light, makes me feel very special.
Finally the daylight is longer, and this dreary hibernation of winter is coming to a happy ending.

So looking forward to Indulgences



You are not alone in Your thoughts

Ever feel alone in your desires, fetishes, kinks?

You are not alone  . . .

Your wonderfully erotic thoughts are yours and mine to enjoy together.

Explore and embrace your desires…

I am here.

2020, Looking Forward, Allowing Arousal

In less than two days it is 2020. Seriously?
Where does time go? It’s frightening how quickly it passes. I’m watching my grandchildren becoming adults. Trying very hard to wrap my head around that.

Reflection is good and important. Albeit, it can sometimes be a bit sad. Reflecting shows us our growth, gratefully reminds us of what we forgot we had successfully accomplished, and helps us revisit what we need to continue working on. Ughhh, the growing pains of adulthood.

Even more reason to give attention to our sexual selves. We can’t allow that horny, excited, creative part of ourselves to become marred inside the muddy waters of real life. Remember to keep that delicious private part of yourself awake. Allow arousal to take you.

Let me take you. Let me be the guardian of your fantasies.  Let me join you.
I look forward to our naughty, sexy, lovingly erotic moments of 2020.

End of Life
December 24, 2019, 6:33 pm
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Not only am I honored possessing the fantasies you whisper to me…

I am left in awe of our shared experience when you die. I’ve lost many of you over the years. It shatters my heart each time. I remind myself that I was the the fortunate one who knew the deep places, desires and sensual dreams of yours that you shared with no one else.
You are so very missed…and I can share my grief and sorrow at your passing with no one.


I am honored to be the guardian of your whispered fantasies.

You allow me the pleasures of knowing your private thoughts and desires.

I may sometimes take control of your whispered confidences, or I am happy to tag along as you guide our erotic adventure together.

Our journey is our own. Thank you for trusting me with your whispered fantasies…

The Season of the Witch

BreastsJust a reminder….Witches are oh so powerful…