The Phone Courtesan

February 4, 2007, 7:34 am
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I am so often asked about my use of masks.

This excerpt was written to me by a very articulate and perceptive gentleman.

“You have a very intriguing website. At first impression the mask seems a strange approach for a gallery, but then on reflection we all wear masks most of the time. Others see our face or look into our eyes, but we try to play a role on the stage of life. Much time is spent attempting to have others see us, as we would like to be seen, not as we are.

We use our mask to keep others from seeing us, as we really perceive ourselves. The irony of your site is the proposal to have your guests take down their masks for a few minutes in the anonymity of a phone call between strangers. You employ an explicit mask for yourself to tempt your caller to drop his own mask.”

In the course of the day, think of the many masks we change into. Or perhaps the continual layers we add. Sometimes I am not sure we are even aware of them. They can become so embedded into our selves. We do become very skilled at using them. Do we wear them as a result of innate human nature, self preservation, shyness, or for enjoyment of the more playful kind of mask, such as Halloween or in erotic play?

Yes we all wear masks. My hope, is that in my chosen profession I have been able to offer you a safe haven to lower your mask for me, if only for a moment.

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Kris: How potent. There is something about you, as yet I’m to understand, but I love it. I love to talk, one human has to talk to another, and when they can talk free from anybody listening, or looking in, is a wonderful gift. I wear a mask, as everyone, and I will tell you, when I went to Kris’s site, and clicked on your pictre, and the mask came up, that was it for me. I wish the very best for your blog, and I know it will do well. love

Comment by Richard

Kris: Are the masks 14kt or 18kt? I do know one thing for sure, the face beneath the mask is one of extreme beauty.

Comment by Richard

Richard –

You are so incredibly kind and sweet. Thank you for your comments, and encouragement. You asked a very interesting question. What kind of mask am I wearing? For me, my mood helps to dictate that. Did I just say that? I sounded just like a woman. : )
But truly, it can be an 18 kt mask or a brown paper bag. ; )
Today? 18kt my dearest…all the way.
And the beauty beneath our masks…as always, is in the eye of the beholder.


Comment by Kris

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