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February 26, 2007, 10:56 pm
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Intense moments are the groundwork for memory, fantasy and legend.

Fantasy ~ playful imagination, a daydream satisfying some desire, illusion, fiction…

I think you get the idea.

Personally, I love fantasy. It is always perfect. I am the one who owns my fantasy. I allow it to lead me. I design the set and the scenery. I experience the senses. I allow my desires and the feelings of my fantasies to flow from me. I get to be the artist. I get to paint the canvas. I can make changes, each and every time. It is all made of my perception, my need of the moment. It is my personal solo journey. I don’t have to explain my desires to anyone. I risk nothing in fantasy, and may even gain a deeper understanding of myself.

I realize that fantasies are very private and intimate. After all, how often do we really share with another what we honestly think about when we masturbate?

I feel so honored when someone trusts their fantasy with me. Some fantasies derive from our real life past experiences and have remained so vivid and intense in our memories. They are comfortable and erotic. We can return to them and we can count on them, knowing in advance the pleasure the release will provide us. Some fantasies are new to us, and we can safely make them a bit more daring and dangerous.

There are no limits in our fantasies.

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This is beautifully put, Mommy Kris. I particularly like the point about sharing thoughts that occur during masturbation. That is spot on.

Comment by baby julie

My sweet baby julie –

You do understand that private and intimate world we all have, where we guard our deepest fantasies. There are great risks we take in sharing that place with others. Thank you for letting me in.

Kris – your mommy šŸ™‚

Comment by Kris

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