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Organized Chaos
April 13, 2007, 4:57 pm
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No, this is not about the chaos of world events etc…It is a true organized moment, or so I thought…and of course it is actually personal chaos at its finest moment.
I moved.
I am an organized person, and yes those who know me well, would say I resemble that simple statement. While moving goes smoothly with an organized hand, no amount of organization prepared me for the displacement I would feel. I believe I really must be getting old and do rely on my sense of ‘home’. I found when ‘home’ was uprooted, I became a discombobulated mess. Nothing felt right, or in its right place, or comforting or known. It showed me how spoiled I have become. And, how lucky and blessed I am. Re-reading this, it feels childish to complain about such a normal everyday occurrence, that everyone goes through. It is interesting that when ‘home’ was not in its ‘right’ place, I found everything harder to deal with. We are creatures of habit.
I am beginning to win the battle of the boxes. I will get back on track soon. I can feel it now, where as before, when the boxes were winning, I found no reserves for anything extra.
I think I could also do with a dose of sunshine. What a dark, wet, snowy cold spring.
However, as I heard someone once say – when the fridge is full, you love your job, complain about being busy – how bad can it really be?
One of the most satisfying and fulfilling things for me, is that I do love, enjoy and look forward to my work. I feel my creative and sensual juices beginning to flow again…so consider yourself warned.