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November 9, 2007, 9:12 pm
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A land of paradise and true fantasy. Now, in the whole scheme of life, I realize that my week in Cancun was but a blip in the screen of my life. And, Cancun is a far cry from my little world. What an awesome wonder to wake up and see the blue green, clear Caribbean Sea, just outside your door, everyday. Water it appears, does stretch to the end of the earth. And to have the scent of the sea in every breath you take. All the flowers, and bushes and green everywhere. Not to mention the palm trees. I know, I was awe struck by my new surroundings. And that phrase ‘basking in the sun’ barely describes how it feels to lay on the beach of white soft sand. In my living room the jar of collected sea shells from the beach are my only proof that I did walk it and feel it every day. That and the tan lines. Yes, I was probably the only woman who at this adult resort, left her top on the whole time. Believe me, there were so many beautiful women to look at, I was not needed to add to the landscape.

The people you meet. That is the truest treasure and memory I left Cancun with. The people who touch you. The people you know you will never forget. Four special couples there who gave me such enjoyment and renewed hope. All four couples were various ages, and at completely different stages of the their marriages or relationships. All eight people were committed to their partners, their families and our world. I am so thrilled they touched my life’s path and in turn, my heart. They allowed me to visit and see various parts of Scotland, The UK and India through their eyes and love of their homes.

Those wonderful people we meet . . . thank you for touching my world.

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Glad you could get away and relax. In today’s world we all can use a little R&R. You were so lucky to find loving, commitment people to be around. Life is too short for anything less. Keep up you fine work. We all need you.

Comment by charley


How kind you are. Thank you. I am in the process in life, slowly learning that if I don’t take time to rejuvenate me, I am not any good to anyone, mostly me. I am passionate about what I do. My work is so incredibly intimate. I love the give and take that I have been privileged to share with others. You are right, life is short, and I am very blessed. You my dear, take good care of you. I look forward to having you again, soon. : )


Comment by Kris

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