The Phone Courtesan

The opportunity to be weak and safe
December 31, 2007, 6:48 pm
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I give you the opportunity to be weak. I want to join you in that private place of yours. Yes I know, it belongs to you. I have to wait for you to invite me in. It is the place in you that you save for yourself and feel safe when you visit. While at the same time, you are afraid to share with others that secret about you, let alone invite another to visit you there. Almost no one on this earth knows that place in you. That is the place I want to visit. That secret place of yours is safe with me. That is the place where I can hold you, and where I can carry you through the steps that will guide your deepest erotic path.

Your private places are where I crave to be. What I have found so fascinating is that while my ears are listening to your words, and your description of your needs, I find that I then begin to feel what you are saying. It is as if other parts of my body are now listening, and I need to respond with you. I feel your journey to that place with my heart . . . and an overwhelming need in me, simply takes over to make sure that the time you spend in this place with me, becomes a safe, nurturing, caring and erotic place, that you and I will now share. I love knowing that you will never have to visit that secret place alone, if you don’t want to.

And just what are the secrets of our secret places? We all have them. Yes, women do too. Those places hold different secrets for all of us. It is that place in us where we can ache and need to feel touched. It is that place where you moan for me, from deep inside of you. The opportunity to be weak, is empowering. And little by little, you can expect me to push you further, allowing you and I to explore even deeper, as you begin to trust me.