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January 10, 2008, 8:18 pm
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One of my biggest dilemmas?

I receive wonderful email responses, and I absolutely love them. However, I have learned as I navigate through the unpredictable world of emails, that in responding to them it can sometimes be a hit and miss proposition. Your email address may not let me in.

I am hoping that if I use this venue to reach you, it may help to clear up any missed communications. Please understand how I enjoy hearing from you, whether you have written to me directly at an email address, responded to an ad, or you have responded to my blog. My dilemma, is that sometimes when I do respond back to an email, it is returned, undeliverable.

I am left with no recourse, that I am aware of. I know. By admitting that, I realize I risk letting you know the extent of my internet knowledge. Or shall we say the lack of. My hope is that if you wanted to connect with me, you will try again. Either you or I could have technical problems, or what I truly fear is that the phases of the moon were just not quite right. Therefore, blocking any hope of success in our new cyber connection.

Please, if I have not written you back, please write me again. There have been some emails that have truly touched me, and my responses to you cannot be delivered.

Help me find you. Please touch me again.

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You don’t think you can lose us that easily,
do ya? Lady you are stuck with me.

Comment by charley

Hi Kris
I know what you mean about the internet, it can be a mystery. But we all know how sincere you are, so any missed communications, would not be your fault.

Comment by Steve


Thank you. What a nice person to be ‘stuck’ with. : ) Have a great day.

Comment by Kris


Thank you!
I hope to always convey that, but when an email response from me can’t make it through their spam, or whatever – I fear I may be seen as just another ‘bimbo’ operator. Ughhh – that is one of the worst opinions of me, that I would ever want people to feel about me.
You my dear, enjoy your weekend.


Comment by Kris

Yes Kris,

The internet can be frustrating,but can also be a tool for subtle,sexy manipulation.It offers a certain mystery….the response from someone may not be prompt,leaving the sender with a sense of,
“could it be something I said?”.It is sort of like
the TV commercial where a conversation between two people gets cut off at a very critical time.The silence is powerful.

But,if there be a separation with you Kris,there
is always a warm reconciliation,and a very exciting one.Please carry on with the blogs,I love them.


Comment by Rod


Thank you for your kind words . . . You truly know the deep and rich meaning of the words Pleasure delayed is Pleasure enhanced.

Thank you Rod, for reading my blog.

Thank you for letting me enhance and enjoy your pleasure.


Comment by Kris

Dearest Kris,

You are about as likely to be perceived, by those who know you, as a “bimbo” as George W. Bush is likely to be perceived an an intellectual — by anybody!



Comment by Justin Gustainis

Thank you, Thank you! Justin, that is so kind of you. But, just to clarify – do you mean George W. Bush, is not an intellectual? Thank you for making me smile. : )


Comment by Kris

George W. Bush: an intellectual?
Now, Kris that is enough to make anybody laugh
(and sometimes cry).

Comment by charley

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