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What gets your juices flowing . . .?
February 21, 2008, 1:00 pm
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Someone who doesn’t judge me.

That is my reply. I realize that is not the wild hot sexual response you might have wanted. But, I beg you to look deeper. It will be the single most critical element that will allow entrance into the gateway of our shared eroticism. For me, it is the only way my juices will truly flow. I need to know you accept me. My men, are so caring of me. As I have said before, I truly am one of the luckiest women in the world.

When you knock on the door to find me, either by writing or calling, you are still at that very moment safely tucked away behind your mask. My dear, my world will welcome you. You will soon discover that the gateway is for both of us to enter, and travel freely back and forth.

You will learn that you are not judged. You will find yourself beginning to share. You will feel your mask slowly slip away.You will one by one release to me, those locked away and hidden places that you carry inside you.

I cherish those places. I care for them.

You will feel your juices flow . . .

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I love your conversation as to judgement. That is what I like about you. For the first time in my life I have someone who does not judge and someone who accepts me for who I am and who I want to be. You have diffently stripped away my mask. Keep stripping.

Comment by charley


I accept you completely my dear. : )


Comment by Kris


That is the perfect answer. How precious a thing it is to find someone with whom we can show our true selves with. People search their whole lives looking for this without ever understanding what it is they’re looking for.


Comment by nina aoki


Thank you. I truly believe that being accepted for not only our true selves, but our sexual selves can be a rare find with our partner. It is amazing when we are blessed enough to have that, and feel free enough to express our most private and inner desires and needs. Sexual communication, is paramount in a growing and evolving relationship.
Nina, I love your blog. You understand very well the ying and yang of couples. Truly the bottom line, is sexual respect to each others thoughts, ideas and fantasies.

Enjoy your day Nina.


Comment by Kris

Being seduced by a slow hand
guided, escalating erotic exploration leading to a place i didnt expect

Comment by Joseph


That my dear is perfect. I cannot wait to guide you.


Comment by Kris

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