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A Woman’s Orgasm
June 1, 2008, 10:00 pm
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My releases are needed on many levels. Very rarely are my orgasms a release for sexual pleasures alone. I sometimes have the kind of releases that bring with it, the automatic and unstoppable flow of tears stemming from so much pent up and long denied energy.

Sometimes I truly do feel selfish and I feel badly afterward. I find I often use you as a means to rejuvenate me, and allow the kind of release that I hunger for. I use you to tap back into that energy, that I need.

But, there in lies the power, doesn’t it? That incredible intense magical power of a woman and her orgasm.

Sometimes I need you more.

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Dear Kris,

For as long as I have contacted you,I have wondered about your orgasms.I have always thought,
“what is it that Kris thinks about when she is
self-pleasuring?”.I was surprised however to hear of your sadness and feelings of selfishness after

Masturbation is a more complex issue for women than for men.But,since you have been the centerpiece and the source for so much male pleasure,why not enjoy yourself.I have heard you say that your pleasure is derived from our pleasure and that you gain energy from others.As you give,you gain in return. I love that and appreciate your feelings.I am happy to know that
you gain from my warm erections.

You are such a sexy women and a delightfully complex one.The erection I have right now is all
yours.When you masturbate Kris,think of all the boys you have aroused.Think about how they hold themselves in wonder with legs extended,head
thrown back and eyes closed in ecstacy.Used that
energy to ENJOY yourself.You are entitled.


Comment by Rod

Why would you ever feel quilty when you bring so much joy and pleasure to those of us that you so tenderly touch? Your power is also your GIFT. A gift to us who long to have our thoughts buried deep within your womanly heaven. The flow of tears you experience are tears of joy and happiness that we too share with you. Those tears are beautiful and we are all here to wipe them away if you wish. You magical power glows.


Comment by YLBM

Your comment on flowing tears with orgasms really set off some nice erotic memories of a lover I once had, who would also burst out crying whenever she came. But I also had another lover who would laugh uncontrolably when she came. Orgasms are a many splendored thing…

Comment by Charles

I love when i get so emotionaly involved in great sex!
I so enjoyed reading all the entries this week. I love finding all these naughty blogs… such a great way to meet new like minded friends.
Your Hot Phone Sex friend from Australia 😉

Comment by Hot Phone Sex

I enjoyed your tears of enjoyment on our last call. You have no way of knowing how much good you do. You are one hot lady.
Thank you for being there.

Comment by YLBM

Every comment from all you is right on target. Both men and women can feel such a range of emotions and energies with every orgasm release. It is after all called a ‘release’ for a reason, right?
We physically release the pent up fluid in both of our bodies, with such forceful gushes of wetness. And with that physical release there certainly is a physical relaxation of our bodies. But, as many of you have realized, we wisely learn that through a deeper level of shared orgasm, it is in our emotional responses to our orgasms, that we can also release our stress, our sorrows, our fears, our love, and our hearts.
Whether I release with heavy breathing, tears or laughter – thank you for holding me.

Comment by Kris

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