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A Woman’s Breasts
October 22, 2008, 11:36 am
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I Love being a woman.

I read a great many blogs about sex. Most of them are a delight to read. Some of them can make my blood boil. But, all of them make me think. I enjoy hearing others thoughts and opinions about sex and our bodies.

I have been thinking a lot about breasts lately. Granted, mainly mine. I’ll come back to that. But then, my thoughts went to all womens breasts, and the way they are thought of, looked at and how they are needed.

Please, I beg you to put me out of my misery, if I ever begin to think that my breasts should not be cherished and revered by men. The following is an excerpt from a blog I came across . . . .


“. . . So are breasts sexual?

Breasts are just a part of the “whole package” that makes a woman. Obviously they are beautiful, feminine body parts, yes, but the mere looking at them in some everyday context shouldn’t make men instantly think about sex.
We are not saying that men can’t appreciate woman’s breasts as feminine and beautiful body parts, or that man and woman can’t enjoy touching each other’s bodies during the intimate relationship. We are saying breasts are NOT supposed to be an immediate “turn-on”, a special obsession point for men.
The advertisements and media images play to the idea that men are supposed to be “all ready” the instant they get a flash of a breast. It’s not men’s fault though, if they think so, because they have been culturally conditioned to see it that way. So on this site we hope to fight back against this sad trend.
We’re saying let breasts be like legs and hips and neck and face etc. and all the other body parts – not some almost like inanimate objects that automatically ‘click men’s brains’ to the “turn on” mode. Some people mention to us Song of Solomon, which mentions breasts in a sexual context. BUT it clearly places breasts on the same level as other body parts, such as teeth, neck, and hair. . . . ”


Please never look at my breasts as just another body part. I know, I can hear the feminists screaming now. Because I also at times want my legs, my hips, my neck, my hair and my face, to be considered sexual parts of me too. Does that mean I don’t want to be respected and have my ‘whole package’ appreciated? Of course I do. I also want that little organ between my ears to be appreciated and respected. I know, I am demanding. : )

Having said that, may I say, that I love my breasts. I love having them peeked at, while I allow just enough cleavage to attract your attention. I want it to stir in you. I want you to think of having my breasts later. I want you to think of how they will feel to your hands and how they will respond to your touch. I want you to hear my moans when you touch me the way you know I like, the way I need. I want you to see that my nipples get harder because of the arousal you stir in me. I need you to kiss them, lick them, and suck them. Please take my breasts into your mouth. I am proud of my breasts and of how you want them, and of how I want you to have them. I want you to lay your face into them. Feel how soft, warm, fleshy, comforting and inviting that my breasts can be. I want you to find and know that comfort, warmth, nourishment, sexual energy, love, care and arousal – all from my breasts. I want them to sustain you. I want them to make you hungry for me. I want you to want them. I love your touch. I love that when you touch them, you listen to them, and you know them. I need how you make me feel.

How lucky are we as women? Our breasts. They give life sustaining fluid for our babies, and life sustaining care, to our men. It is truly a beautiful circle of care.

I love being a woman.

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What a lovely, thought provoking message. Yes
you are lucky as a woman to have the experiences that your breasts bring you. Your breasts are soft, warm and inviting to the touch. It is when you let us touch and feel them that we are able to enter your real self. You have no idea how much I receive from being able to please you through your breasts. Your breasts are so much more then a sexual or sensual body parts.Your breasts are portals into your soul and heart. Just like you are allowed to view my source by your gentle touches of me, I feel a closeness to your source through you breasts, your hips, your ass, your mind, your entire being. Thank you for being you.

Comment by YLBM

What a wonderful blog Kris.I have long enjoyed your insight on all matters prurient.Breasts
are so many things.They are both vital and aesthetically pleasing.But,the blogger makes the case that men are culturally conditioned to obsess
over them.I think men are hardwired to want them
and to admire them,despite how our culture wants to present them.Women who are proud to display
them are simply telling the world that they are
“providers”.It is part of her mating ritual,to tell potential partners of what she’s got.It’s natural and beautiful.

Comment by Rod


You do understand and respect this beautiful part of our bodies, that we give to you. And might I add, that being that close to our breasts, does bring you closer to the sounds of our heartbeat.

Comment by Kris

Rod –

How beautiful – ‘We are providers’ . . .
I have always found it strange that we work so hard as a new mom to make our newborn find and need our breasts to eat, to live, to soothe them, and to bond with us. Every women knows that it is easier for babies to suck and receive their nourishment from the bottle nipple. It is much harder to suck and receive our milk from our breast. Yet right after birth, our breasts give mineral and vitamin rich colostrum, then our milk comes down. And, we are told that it will make our baby stronger to have to suck so hard for their food. Not to mention the best reward, knowing that our bond is forever formed at our breast to our child. Then, as we move through the many cycles of our lives, how can we honestly get upset or feel degraded as a woman when a man naturally gravitates and needs our breasts? I feel honored to be able to ‘provide’ that.

Comment by Kris

i dont see anything wrong in a healthy obsesion with any part of a woman’s body. especially a woman’s breasts, there’s somthing about them that is so soothing and exciting all at the same time. when i see a woman that is wearing somthing some what revealing i cant help but to look. so wonderful, so soft, so provacative that all i can think about is to softly caress them while looking into their eyes for a moment before a long deep kiss. i love all breasts old, young, small, big, firm, or soft. breasts are truley a focal point for thoose who truley worship a woman’s body.

Comment by aaron


Thank you for your appreciation not only for we women, but for our bodies. You have a charming way about you.


Comment by Kris

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