The Phone Courtesan

A Woman’s Wetness

It’s raining.

When I masturbate, I love the silky feel of my wetness. I want to feel it, slowly. I want to rub it all around and through my bush. I want to tease my outer vulva and feel my lips swell. Then, to gently dip in, to try and reach the source of my wetness. I want to bask in the visceral response of my body.

I used to be so embarrassed at how wet I could get. I didn’t think it could possibly be normal. I don’t squirt. It’s just that it flows, and lubricates me, everywhere I need it.

I can now embrace my wetness. It has been my own private journey to accept my wetness. I know that it means I am ready. I know that it means I want to be touched. I know that it means I want to respond. I know that it means I want to give. There is an honesty to a woman’s wetness. I realize you have no way of understanding how powerful these discoveries have become for me in my own sexual growth. It is just so amazing, so freeing and so liberating for me.

I now know, that wanting to be wet, and wanting to feel pleasure, is empowering.

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Hi there. What a nice comment.

Comment by Susan

Thank you Susan. I hope that your own journeys have freed you to find your own power.


Comment by Kris

a woman’s wetness is a beautiful thing. especially when the velvety wetness changes through the different stages of arousal from the thickness to the wonderfully salty sweet taste. the feel is exciting, but the taste is orgasmic. i can only hope women know how truely devine you taste and how it makes a man who can appreciate it feel. when i kiss a lover between their soft delicate thighs the feeling i get from their taste and wetness is more erotic than any other feeling in the world.

Comment by aaron


Your articulate description shows the very depth of what we want to feel from our lovers. Thank you Aaron.


Comment by Kris

You know I love the wetness you so sensually give off–not only from your place I painfully fantasize about but the wetness you give off as you cum and cum and cum—it give me so much pleasure to hear how wet you are and that loss of breath.

Comment by Robert

Thank you my dear Robert. I do so enjoy where we go together. = ))


Comment by Kris

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