The Phone Courtesan

February 24, 2009, 12:28 pm
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There are so many thoughts that are brought to my mind with that simple, yet complex word, trust.

1). confidence in a person because of the qualities one sees in them, 2). a responsibility involving the confidence of others, 3). custody; care of, 4). to have faith, 5). to rely on, 6). to depend on, 7). to believe, 8). to confide, 9). to have faith.

There is an interesting partnership to our trust, that coincidentally follows alphabetically – Truth, Try and Tryst.

I could not have planned our partnership any better myself. I could not have planned our path together any better.

A sublime succinct succession of words. I love the erotic power of words.

I love where those words allow me to take you.

February 24, 2009, 11:43 am
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My last entry…November 6, 2008. I am some what embarrassed. Since then it seems a lifetime has all ready gone by. I have seen my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines come and go. Time is traveling past me way too quickly. It certainly has a way of truly sneaking up on us, and quietly tapping us on the shoulder.

If you are a reader of mine, I hope you have come to realize, that I do not write every day, simply to write. I do not want my blog to become my grocery list and a recanting of my simple daily errands.

I want to feel what I write. It is just as I want to feel you, when we speak.

Thank you for your understanding, for your patience and for allowing me to join you on your wonderful erotic journeys.