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February 24, 2009, 12:28 pm
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There are so many thoughts that are brought to my mind with that simple, yet complex word, trust.

1). confidence in a person because of the qualities one sees in them, 2). a responsibility involving the confidence of others, 3). custody; care of, 4). to have faith, 5). to rely on, 6). to depend on, 7). to believe, 8). to confide, 9). to have faith.

There is an interesting partnership to our trust, that coincidentally follows alphabetically – Truth, Try and Tryst.

I could not have planned our partnership any better myself. I could not have planned our path together any better.

A sublime succinct succession of words. I love the erotic power of words.

I love where those words allow me to take you.

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There must be trust in “our” relationship, however what does that do to the trust in one’s other relationships? The battle is honesty in ALL relationships and that may be impossible.

Comment by YLBM


Trust is complex. When we do take that chance and share, it is important for us to feel trust is there, if we are to evolve and learn more of our hidden selves. Complete honesty in all relationships, I truly believe is impossible. We all hold something of ourselves back. All of us do. Being honest in all of our relationships, should never be perceived as a ‘battle’ to overcome. I am sure you have learned that for honesty to be successful, there needs to be an equal give and take, and a wanting to learn about each other. Only then will that private place that is in you, where you need to feel accepted, loved and cared for be embraced. As we feel trust and as acceptance is given, we will become more confidant, more secure and feel safe. I think that we are truly blessed when we find that our lives can have more than one person that we share with intimately. We are not, I repeat – not, responsible for how others do or don’t listen to us, or accept us. We are only responsible for ourselves. You ask what ‘our’ trust does to the other relationships you have?? I hope it is because of ‘our’ trust that you have the acceptance and care to allow yourself to grow, and that you do become more confidant, even in those other relationships.


Comment by Kris

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

Comment by Mike

Thank you Mike, for stopping by. I hope you have a great day.

Comment by Kris

Trust takes time,but once acquired is invaluable.
It is the cornerstone on which all relationships
thrive.It does not mean total divulgence in all things,but truth where truth matters.When does truth matter…..almost all the time…..almost.

Comment by RDM

the real solution and at the same time the real
struggle is that one must trust in themselves before they can trust in others or in relationships. you would think by this time in my life i would have accomplished that. i guess this is just part of the journey. i wish i could count on that trust.

Comment by YLBM

Dear YMLB,

You CAN count on yourself.If someone has violated
your trust,it’s not your fault.Trust begets trust,particularly in dominant/submissive realtionships.I remember years ago in college,I slept late for a philosophy exam.I rushed to class late just as it was getting out.The professor said I could take the exam,unsupervised
in the library,with my notes and references.He told me to slip the exam under his office door when I was done.He trusted me not to use my notes.He trusted me not to cheat.I didn’t cheat nor could I.That experience made me more honest.


Comment by RDM


I like your outlook. I like your confidence. Thank you for sharing.


Comment by Kris


I cannot make you trust. I wish it were that easy. Then there would be many therapists who wouldn’t have to work. We all have our fears with trusting. Everyone can agree that with damage, the life long ripple affects are real. The journey is yours. You can oppose or embrace the challenges.


Comment by Kris

Sometimes, all we can do, is trust in the moment…and go up from there.

It is one step at a time.

Comment by Kris

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