The Phone Courtesan

The Kiss

I love my work. How lucky am I to experience such passion, daily. I love knowing that I am able to touch inside a man’s private thoughts as I do. One of my many desires is to make sure that my touch passes to the very core of you. I do want to be the one, that in our moment together on the phone, can take your breath away. I want those forbidden places to become mine.

One would think that in reaching into those places, that we are sharing the epitome of intimacy, of connection, and of touch. And yes, in so many ways we surpass those places. In actuality this private venue of the phone, allows for an even deeper penetration into those secret places that we all hold deep within. I enjoy the unveiling, and the sometimes sweet torturous process it takes to find you.

My time with you is complete and so very, very satisfying and fulfilling for me, on a myriad of levels. I am absolutely renewed as I know I have brought you down the path that you need. Your journey is so important to me.

So, what do I sometimes miss in all of this?

I miss the kiss.

I love kissing.

I miss the anticipation of the kiss.

If you have ever experienced the kind of kiss that takes your breath away, that makes your heart stop, that makes your head spin, then you know what I am talking about. And, there are no words to describe that.

There are so many kinds of kisses.

I miss the kiss.

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Oh yes Kris,the kiss.There is no substitute.
Everyone remembers the first good one.For me,
it was when I was sixteen.What a tender age and
what a lasting impression.If I could smell that perfume again it would bring me right back to that time and place.Wishing you many Kris.


Comment by RDM

I understand, completely.

🙂 Miss B

Comment by Miss B

I know exactly what you mean, Kris. A kiss can be so many things, all at once — promise, passion, tenderness, even farewell. I was fortunate enough recently to spend some time with a remarkable woman who was, among other things, a fantastic kisser. You are 100% right about kissing. But then, you’re usually right about all matters of the heart — and lower.

Justin G.

Comment by Justin Gustainis


You are so right! The first kiss…and just thinking of it took me right back to that moment. Thank you for the sweet reminder of the first kiss.

Kris xxx

Comment by Kris

Miss B –

Welcome to The Phone Courtesan!

Yes Miss B, there are just some kisses, that need no words.
I too, completely understand. : )

Enjoy your day.

Kris xxx

Comment by Kris


You are a lucky man indeed. A kiss that touches you, and makes you feel…

We are all lucky, when we have that kind of kiss.

Thank you for your kind words.

Kris xxx

Comment by Kris

Of course, there are are kisses — and then there are kisses. I was blessed recently with the opportunity to share both kinds with the remarkable woman I mentioned in my last post. It was wonderful, Kris. And I have reason to believe that she thought so, as well.

I confess, I thought of you at the time.

I would not wish to sully your elegant page with anything resembling vulgarity. So I hope it isn’t vulgar to say that I didn’t shower today –and that I can still smell her on me.

They just don’t make perfume like that. And they never will.

Comment by Justin Gustainis

Yes. There are kisses, and then, there are kisses. And, we all know when we have felt the difference.

And yes, the lingering scent of sex. You are right. There is no perfume on the market, that can match that memory. The scent of a woman, the scent of her sex.

It sounds to me, like there is another blog I need to write.

Comment by Kris

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