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April 12, 2009, 10:57 am
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I love the word Companion.

Companion ~ someone who shares experiences, a persons company that one enjoys, a ‘thing’ made to match or harmonize with another, one of a pair, accompany, go with ~~~ friend, partner ~

This is how I honestly look at what we share.

We don’t have to be experts to know when we are receiving a higher level of care or service. We are all consumers, and we do know the difference.

I hope you have felt and known that difference from me. Lately it has been on my mind a great deal. And, it has become increasingly important to me that you have felt that from me.

You see, not only am I your companion, but you are my companion as we journey together in this.

I thank you for that.

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In my “journey” I have discovered a need for different “companions” at different points of
the journey. I do not know if that is normal or if it says something about me. At any rate I have enjoyed having your companionship along the
way. You have brought a unique perspective to my life and given me something to think about and isn’t that what a true friend it? Thanks

Comment by YLBM

My dear YLBM,

Thank you so very much for your kind words.

And, I could not agree with you more. I honestly believe that no one travels by us in this life with out a reason. No matter if it is just the simple eye contact and hello to a passerby or if it is the love of your life partner. These precious touches in our lives, are not random.

I am happy that we have met on this journey.


Comment by Kris

As a person’s journey extends toward its final distinantion isn’t it wonderful that we notice the little things along the way and what at one time may have gone unnoticed is now ever so present in our lives. And the most important is the “companions” we meet on that journey. Never take anything or anyone for granted. As is said in the song Wonderful World, saying hello is another way of saying “I Love You”.

Comment by YLBM


Never let it trouble you; always be secure in the knowledge that you and your caring are incomparable. Never doubt that you make a difference, a profound difference. You bring joy, and understanding, even enlightenment. And I am grateful to you for that.

Comment by Chris


“Hello” –

Never take anything for granted. When we are lucky enough to take that long journey in life, it is awesome to be able to look back and realize all of the little touches that we received on our journey. To be blessed by those touches is only magnified, when we have lost someone in our lives who we think is far to young to leave us. So yes. It is wonderful. The best part is realizing just how lucky we are, and then to actually share it with those who are important to us.


Comment by Kris


Thank you Chris.
Your words have truly touched my heart.


Comment by Kris

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