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Foreplay for Lunch
August 19, 2009, 7:26 pm
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When simply making lunch together makes you aroused. When eating lunch together, you realize lunch has now become a slow flirty sensuous foreplay. When you can’t stop kissing. When you need to leave the lunch dishes in the kitchen and go upstairs. When you cannot get your clothes off fast enough. When the skin you are up against feels like it is attached to yours. When your hearts beat together. When you crave their touch. When you find yourself aching for and begging for them to be inside you. When you don’t feel complete unless you can pull their body through yours. When you can’t be close enough. When you feel the fit. When you can’t kiss enough. When you need to taste their body. When you need to lick every inch of their body. Every inch. When you can smell the sex.

When you just cannot believe how fucking lucky you are in your life.

When lunch alone is just not enough.

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It can happen at lunch or when you roll over for a causual good night peck that turns in much more. The causual kiss becomes very wet and you can taste the inside of her mouth. She gently pushes your lips down to her breast and the awaiting perk nipples. After several moments of sucking you are agian pushed down to her awaiting bush and the taste of her nectar. There is nothing so pleasent as a woman’s smell. As the years have past these nights may be few and farther between but somehow they are more meaningful and satisfying. Oh what a way to end the day.

Comment by YLMB

Foreplay is awesome….and should be in my opinion, an all day affair. Hooray for good night pecks. = ))

Comment by Kris

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