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A Mask Allows the Truth
September 7, 2009, 9:13 am
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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.                                     
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. ~~~ Oscar Wilde

I look forward to being the keeper of the truths you share with me. I have said many, many times . . . the phone is our mask. A mask can take many shapes.

Trust me.

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You are the perfect keeper of our truths. Wearing your mask enables be to be a full person.
I hope you can share many of your hidden truths with me.

Comment by YLBM

Sharing hidden truths and desires is so very erotic. I am always so touched to be the keeper of your secret truths. It is part of our journey we share together.

Comment by Kris

Well we all have a face that we hide away forever
and take them out and show ourselves,when everyone has gone.Some are satin,some are steel,
some are silk and some are leather,they’re the faces of the stranger and we love to try them on.

Billy Joel:from the album “Stranger”

Comment by RDM

I love that! There are so many kinds of masks we wear, or want to wear. When the mask is on, you are free to explore, feel, say and be, anything you want. The mask gives you permission. And so do I.

Comment by Kris

Why is it that we are “truest” when we are hiding behind our daily masks? Why can we
not be honest with those that mean the most to us? Why are my inner feelings let out to a
woman I have never met?

Comment by YLMB

Because my dear, I am a safe haven for you. You fear no judgment from me. You know that I accept you completely. The mask, gives you the courage and the confidence to share anything with me. And you know that I am genuine and that I truly care.


Comment by Kris

Yes, you are a safe haven. One that I can explore with my most sacred truths and secrets.
Why is then I cannot trust myself to enter that
heavenly, quite, warm space with you? Even though I trust you, why is it that I do not trust myself?

Comment by YLMB

You my dear have to be comfortable with your own secrets. I can listen, and I can guide you. I can direct your sexual fantasies towards a path of erotic play, comfort and enjoyment. I care very much about how your desires affect you, and your life. I know you know that. = ))


Comment by Kris

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