The Phone Courtesan

My Escape . . .
March 27, 2010, 9:33 am
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. . . is YOU.

I know we all have real lives. I know that what we participate in, is fantasy.

Somewhere in the middle of regular daily life, and all of the unexpected curve balls that get thrown our way, you call me.

Through you and the escape of your voice I can get swept away. Your fantasy becomes mine, and we have a moment of intertwining escape from our realities.

It is your touch, your voice, your kink, your love, your care that honestly can be my moment of sanity.

Real life is complicated.

I cannot thank you enough for inviting me into your escape…

The Awakening of Spring
March 19, 2010, 1:11 pm
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For some reason, and I actually think there have been many reasons, this has been the longest, darkest, coldest dreary winter I can remember.

While I have always loved spring and the signals it gives to the beginning of my gardening season, this year I am embracing it full on.

I am craving the warmth. I need the extra evening light. I cannot wait to witness the reassurance of new life, long hidden beneath us finally sprouting up around us again.

There is also a sexual awakening that I have missed. Perhaps it is because I don’t have a partner to be reminded of his awakening. When you have been fortunate enough in this life to have a partner that you know loves you unconditionally and desires your body even with all of your aging imperfections, then you dearly miss it when it is gone.

Your hardness is not a demand to be put upon us. It is your natural response to wanting the pleasure you are seeking.

We women should revel in the power that we are the cause of that awakening.