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My Escape . . .
March 27, 2010, 9:33 am
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. . . is YOU.

I know we all have real lives. I know that what we participate in, is fantasy.

Somewhere in the middle of regular daily life, and all of the unexpected curve balls that get thrown our way, you call me.

Through you and the escape of your voice I can get swept away. Your fantasy becomes mine, and we have a moment of intertwining escape from our realities.

It is your touch, your voice, your kink, your love, your care that honestly can be my moment of sanity.

Real life is complicated.

I cannot thank you enough for inviting me into your escape…

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It is you who have, no doubt, preserved the sanity of more than one man, Kris — present company included. You are a valuable national resource.

Comment by Justin


How lovely to read your words. Justin, you are very special, and I am so happy to know you. Thank you for your very kind and so very timely words.


Comment by Kris

Miss Kris,
You are not an escape into a fantasy. No, you are reality. You are there to provide me and others with the a calm, caring and loving voice. To provide us with real needs we can not get elsewhere. You are VERY real and very important.

Comment by ylbm

My dear ylbm,

Thank you, thank you. I think at any given time we feed off of one another and we find our own needs and moods can be mutually met. I am happy, so happy that you feel that.


Comment by Kris

As long as people have other people to turn to, to share there inter thoughts, then everything is as it should be. You are one of those people.

Comment by ylbm

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