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Real Women
May 3, 2010, 5:45 pm
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The Today Show this morning had an amazing announcement. Cindy Leive, Editor in Chief of Glamour Magazine claims that real women are the new sexy!

Silly me. I always thought we were.

Keep up the good work Cindy. = )

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Kris, I agree completely.
Many of today’s cultural icons are clueless.Pop
woman’s magazines have been trying to re-define femininity for decades.Sadly,this definition never included full figured woman,or women who adored men or woman that show their power by being soft.Women have been instructed culturally to mock men.(this isn’t to say that some woman are naturally dominant,that’s fine also)But,why box a woman in?

Comment by Rod

Sorry about my grammatical errors.WOMAN is sigular,WOMEN are plural……proof reader please!!

Comment by Rod

Never a problem my dear. I shudder to think of all the mistakes I write, and send out to people. Gee, does that make us human? = ))


Comment by Kris


No doubt there are many male and female complexities that will naturally come into play during relationships. But, I truly do believe that things move more smoothly in the confidant woman’s world who will take a positive assertive role, in the bedroom. Women who take subtle control in the bedroom are sexy.

That’s not to say, that once in a while some good consensual spanking, whipping, or some demeaning degradation couldn’t be a beautiful sight to behold as well, but that my dear is enjoyed on a different level of consensual sex. That is for another blog entry. = ))

I do so enjoy your outlook sweetie.
Have a wonderful day Rod.


Comment by Kris

Kris, There is no doubt that the woman that can demonstrate control, especially in the bedroom, is sexy. This ability usually comes with confidence in who she is and where she is in life. That comes with maturity and there is nothing sexier then a mature, confident woman. And yes a little consensual spanking is always welcomed.

Comment by ylbm

You are so fun, and so right! I find I am so jealous of how some of the women I know that are in their 30’s can all ready have that confidence. It has taken me many more years to feel that confidence, and wear it.


Comment by Kris

Oh do not be jealous. They may have confidence at an earlier age, however they cannot come close to your ability to give a man what he both needs and desires. That skill only comes with experience and
maturity. I have come to appreciate both in a woman.

Comment by ylbm

Thank you, kind sir. = ))


Comment by Kris

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