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National Masturbation Month
May 12, 2010, 9:23 am
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Now, my first logical thought is how did we come up with a month dedicated to masturbation? = )

Lets go with that thought –

Is there a more beautiful sight than a woman who has her own hand on her pussy? It is her pussy, and she knows it so very well. Just watch how she knows where to lightly massage, where to put a bit more pressure, when to lift her hips just a bit to push forward and bring more pleasure to that now swollen and wet vulva. I love how our outer lips change. To see how the fingers gently tease open those lips and tease the inner walls of the vagina. At that moment, it is so intoxicating.

I LOVE to masturbate.

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A woman that understands her true self and her body is really a special woman and human being. She has the confidence not only to make herself happy but those around her. You description of your masturbation was truly beautiful and not just in sexual way.

Comment by ylbm

Thank you sweetie. And yes, if I know myself well, I am a better partner for you. Masturbation among many things, allows us to learn about us. Such knowledge! What a gift we can give ourselves.


Comment by Kris

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