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A Woman’s Power
June 19, 2010, 1:05 pm
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We are the luckiest species in the world. We reap such rewards with our power, to make your cock hard.

I fucking love it.

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You have mastered the art of dispensing your wonderful feminine energy.In ancient folklore,powerful females on islands could lure sea men from their boats with this siren song.Men would fill their ears with wax to avoid diving from the ship into treacherous waters.Blessed is the woman who uses this power not for destruction but enrichment.

Comment by Rod

Just what have men done over the centuries to try and protect themselves from being sucked into our power . . . ??? = )) It makes me smile at the the thought of men guarding themselves from our seduction.

However, you hit on a key element. We women need to use our power for enrichment, never for destruction or manipulation.

Comment by Kris

For the men who fled their ships for the Siren Song,it meant certain death.Most could not be counted on to protect themselves from the allure.Hence,wax was used.Those proud few who refused the wax had to be tied down. They were foolish to think they could resist.

Comment by Rod

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