The Phone Courtesan

As a Phone Courtesan . . .
July 30, 2010, 11:26 pm
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I find it is I who needs to say thank you. I have found that there are many ways over the years that you care for me.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the worldly courtesans of the past. Hence, my latest posts. While it is usually easy to figure out the reasons it works out so well for the men, I am aware that there are more subtle reasons it works for you. Well, it’s the same with me. There are the obvious perks for the woman. Obviously, it is the courtesan’s livelihood.

But it is more than that. You make me feel alive. I feel respected by you. You allow me to feel so very sexy. I feel valued. I feel your trust and your confidence in me. I love the sex that we can share. You let me near you and your fantasies. I love that we can share laughter.                                                  

I am as human as you are, and there have been times in my life that some very sad and very hard things have happened. Then I take your call, and you and I spend some time together. I know this sounds strange, but your calls comfort me. Your calls excite me. They make me feel like a powerful and sensuous woman. You rejuvenate me.

History will show us that in many ways courtesans were some of the luckiest of women. History will also show that these women were ground breakers for feminists and very often paid a price.

It is your care of me, your respect you show me, your trust you give me that fills me and makes me a more complete woman.

Thank you.

The Secrets of the Courtesan
July 23, 2010, 10:46 pm
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Of the courtesans many virtues, there is but one that I believe is her most important.

A courtesan had to be accomplished in many areas. She needed to be a skilled conversationalist. She must be wise, intelligent, well read, appreciate the arts, sports and the world around her. She must have knowledge of wit and timing. She had to have the confidence in herself to know that while she would never hold the positioning of the wife in society, or in front of others, she was content in knowing that she held her lovers heart in her hands.

The courtesan was beautiful. But her beauty was measured by the men she held dear to herself. It was not the outward beauty that captured her man’s attention.

The courtesan was taken care of on many levels. In return she took great care of her lovers.

In my opinion the most powerful of the secrets a courtesan has, is that she carries with her the secrets of all of her lovers. There is no greater feeling than to be the confidant of your man’s desires, sorrows, celebrations, fears and his sex. It is intoxicating and so very erotic to be the recipient of all that her lovers think and feel.

Famous Courtesans
July 22, 2010, 8:36 pm
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A few of the past courtesans, but by no means a complete list.

Mogador, Cora Pearl, Marie Duplessis, Blanche d’ Antigny, Apollonie Sabatier, Jeanne Duval, Flora, Liane de Pougy, Harriet Wilson, Esther Guimond, La Belle Otero, Paiva, Veronica Franco, Tulia d’ Aragona, Ninon De Lenclo, Lucrezia, Emilienne d’ Alencon, Alice Ozy, Klondike Kate, Pompodour, Phyrne, Jeanne du Barry, Lola Montez and Sarah Bernhardt.

And just whom among society would these ladies entertain? These ladies cared for kings, generals, writers, painters, gentlemen of the day, business men, members of the royal families, counts, dukes, marquis, barons, men of inherited wealth and cardinals. They were their lovers, companions, mistress, hostess, and sometimes became wives.

They were cared for, loved, paid for, given homes, castles, villas, stocks, art, jewels and clothes.

Some lived quietly, carefully and were secret lovers and companions. Some lived out in the open with their love and their relationships.

~~~~~~~~~~The Courtesan Definition That I Love~~~~~~~~~~

A courtesan is a person paid and/or supported for the giving of social companionship and intimate liaisons to one or more partners. The word is generally reserved for those who enjoyed the most social status for such services. Although the term has been applied to people from several cultures and historical periods, it is most applicable for those to whom it was first given: the women of Renaissance Europe who held a socially recognized, if not quite socially accepted, position as well-compensated companions.

The role of courtesans should be neither overly romanticized nor offhandedly scorned. On the positive side, they had freedoms that were extremely rare for other women at the time. They were not only financially comfortable (when business was good) but financially independent, with control of their own resources rather than dependency on male relatives. They were very well-educated, compared even to upper-class women, and often held simultaneous careers as performers and artists.

On the negative side, courtesans were, as a means of survival, dependent on upper-class “protectors” to provide them with shelter and support. They were required to provide charming companionship for extended periods, no matter what their own feelings might be at the time. They were also, because of the sexual aspects of their profession, subject to lower social status and religious disapproval. They were sometimes limited in their apparel by various sumptuary laws and were restricted in where they could appear at social functions. Periods of overt religious piety in a city would often lead to persecutions of the courtesans, up to and including accusations of witchcraft.

Oh The Places We Can Go . . .
July 13, 2010, 10:31 am
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Where shall I take you?

Trust Me
July 11, 2010, 10:44 am
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Hearing those two words can be either the scariest, or the most reassuring words you will hear.

It depends on who we are giving our trust to.

People are complicated.

Our thoughts, our desires, our past experiences are ours, and ours alone.

When you share them with me, when you confess them, when you give them to us to have together, yes you can trust me.

I hear in you the entire gamut of sex, fears, sadness, excitements, sorrows, celebrations and losses. We all live real lives. And sometimes our real lives can be very complicated. I want you to feel safe with me.

Trust me, I do understand.

A Shameless Self Promotion
July 2, 2010, 8:13 pm
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I cannot even believe I am writing this . . . proving I am in need of positive sexual validation, just like everyone else.

I am now blushing . . .

Would one of you, my wonderful readers consider nominating my blog for the Sexiest Bloggers of 2010? I know, I cannot believe I am begging for such affirmations. It is officially humiliating to me. Please don’t tell any one I did this. = )

However, you may only nominate my blog, if you really do believe it is worthy and that it has brought some value to your reading and private time. My hope is that at any given time, based on our moods of the moment – mine and yours – that something may have made you laugh, smile, ponder and think.

I just ran across this little contest, and the timing is strange, as I have been thinking of vamping up and doing a few changes to my blog. Now I have to really think about it. = ) They do say timing is everything.

I thank you so very much for considering it.

Garden Porn

I recently read an article titled ‘Garden Porn’. It was a cutesy and fun article. It made me begin to think about my garden in a sexual way. I have always felt my gardening was a very special and erotic, intimate time to spend with nature. So, last weekend, I began to assess what I have going on in my garden. Should I divulge all the secret seductions of my garden? No, of course not. No good gardener would. A few secrets are always good, mysterious and it keeps people wondering about you.

My own garden is doing very well. I container garden everything except my raspberries, and some crookneck squash that I just added to the garden ground this weekend.

In containers – I have tons of herbs – basil – purple, Greek and Siam, lemon and lime thyme, marjoram, red veined and lemon sorrel, lavender, french lavender, french and Texas tarragon, chives, parsley-flat, curly and Italian, dill, celery top leaves, oregano, lemon balm, violets, and sage.

Containers – Lettuces, kale and Swiss chard.

Containers – Tomatoes – 2 grape plants, 4 tumbler tomatoes – 2 red, 2 yellow, 4 husky gold tomato plants, 6 red robin dwarf tomato plants, 2 large patio tomato plants and 1 Roma tomato plant.

Containers – 4 Blueberry Bushes -2 misty blue and 2- jubilee

Containers – Peppers – 4 mild jalapeno, 2 orange bell, 2 red bell, 2 islander purple bells, 1 holy mole, 1 Jamaican hot chocolate and 2 Anaheim.

Containers – 4 fairy tale eggplant, burgundy and green beans, 6 cucumber plants and 3 soybean plants.

Container – strawberries – that have spilled over beautifully and planted all around the whiskey barrel.

In the ground – Two crookneck squash plants in the ground, just to try – as I ran out of large containers. = )

And my raspberries are in the ground – taking over!! This is my third year with them, and they are truly exploding this year!

All gardens carry with them their own set of Garden Spells. All herbs are grown for a reason. I love the combination I can create for very special breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, baking, you name it. I am thrilled when people eat what I create and can’t quite put their finger on the herb they are tasting. Call me crazy, but I find that kind of seduction with taste adds an erotic zest to life.

A walk through my garden will allow you to savor the scents of flowers, herbs, dirt, sun and summer. Your eyes will see the color, the different sizes of arrangements, and the life that is moving all around us. You will find yourself drawn to wanting to touch and feel the budding hard peppers, the long hard green beans, plump tomatoes and the very soft ripe raspberries. And each plant will carry their own essence of soul and spirit. Your eyes, through your memories will tell you how they will taste. You know if it will be sweet or spicy. You know the ways you would contemplate tasting the delights of the garden. Sometimes it might be in it’s raw and natural form, and sometimes you will taste my garden in a very special combination of flavors that slowly marinate and marry with one another before devouring.

A garden is a constant work in progress. It is always asking to be taken care of. A garden is the most natural form of seduction. And a good gardener knows how to tend to it.