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A Shameless Self Promotion
July 2, 2010, 8:13 pm
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I cannot even believe I am writing this . . . proving I am in need of positive sexual validation, just like everyone else.

I am now blushing . . .

Would one of you, my wonderful readers consider nominating my blog for the Sexiest Bloggers of 2010? I know, I cannot believe I am begging for such affirmations. It is officially humiliating to me. Please don’t tell any one I did this. = )

However, you may only nominate my blog, if you really do believe it is worthy and that it has brought some value to your reading and private time. My hope is that at any given time, based on our moods of the moment – mine and yours – that something may have made you laugh, smile, ponder and think.

I just ran across this little contest, and the timing is strange, as I have been thinking of vamping up and doing a few changes to my blog. Now I have to really think about it. = ) They do say timing is everything.

I thank you so very much for considering it.

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So deserving of recognition. I love your mind and your thoughts… hmm. Thank you for the delight and comfort you bring me, one of your faithful followers.

Comment by Chris


Such very kind words. Thank you. Please know, as I am giving to you, I receive much in return. You are a dear. = )


Comment by Kris

Kris, Many of these bloggers have hours and hours to devote to their blogs.You have your garden,your family and your business.Your existence is already valid on so many levels.If you need more recognition,I say you go girl!!

Comment by Rod


I guess it does depend on my mood of the moment. There is no doubt that for any of us, it does feel good to be validated for what we accomplish in our professions. While I love and feel very good about what I do, it is sort of an underground business. It isn’t like my family ever asks how my work is going. = ))In fact, quite the opposite. So yes, some days I do need more affirmations.

When I look over other bloggers, my so called competition, I am absolutely amazed at what they do, what they say and how often. My first thought is, ‘do they have a life?’ And yet, I am sure they do. I think they are just younger and have more energy. = )

There are some wonderful blogs out there, and there is a blog that feeds every kind of appetite.

Thank you for reading my blog Rod. And don’t forget to nominate me. = ))

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Now, I am going to go outside and pick some of my raspberries.


Comment by Kris

Fresh raspberries with vanilla ice cream.What’s better?Why not a gardening or cooking blog?Not better than sex but damn close.

Comment by Rod

You my dear man, must be a mind reader . . .stay posted. You will see. = ))

And I agree. Gardening, and healthy good food, is damn close.


Comment by Kris

Wow! I just saw I am on your Favorite Blogs list! I am very honored and flattered. Thank you! I now have two sites: and

I love your blog and what you do. You are a positive and intelligent presence
in the world of pleasure. xoxo Lady Cheeky/Princess Polysemy

Comment by princesspolysemy


I just read…congratulations on being named one of the 100 sexiest bloggers. Please know that you are number one on my list.

thanks for all your lovely and thought provoking ideas…

until we talk again


Comment by Chris

Thank you Chris. I was really shocked, happily I might add. = )
I will look forward to enjoying you again, and soon.

Comment by Kris

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