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Trust Me
July 11, 2010, 10:44 am
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Hearing those two words can be either the scariest, or the most reassuring words you will hear.

It depends on who we are giving our trust to.

People are complicated.

Our thoughts, our desires, our past experiences are ours, and ours alone.

When you share them with me, when you confess them, when you give them to us to have together, yes you can trust me.

I hear in you the entire gamut of sex, fears, sadness, excitements, sorrows, celebrations and losses. We all live real lives. And sometimes our real lives can be very complicated. I want you to feel safe with me.

Trust me, I do understand.

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I can not explain it. Maybe I am naive, but from the very first Saturday morning call from my office I heard a caring and trusting voice in you. I heard a person I could talk to about things I have never been able to discuss with anyone else. My dear you have a rare and genuine quality that gives people confidence in you. No doubt I can trust you, I hope you feel the same.

Comment by ylbm

My dear,

The gift of trust is at it’s very best when both sides of the conversation feels it. I thank you for that.

Thank you so very much for your kind words. You made my day.


Comment by Kris

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