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The Secrets of the Courtesan
July 23, 2010, 10:46 pm
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Of the courtesans many virtues, there is but one that I believe is her most important.

A courtesan had to be accomplished in many areas. She needed to be a skilled conversationalist. She must be wise, intelligent, well read, appreciate the arts, sports and the world around her. She must have knowledge of wit and timing. She had to have the confidence in herself to know that while she would never hold the positioning of the wife in society, or in front of others, she was content in knowing that she held her lovers heart in her hands.

The courtesan was beautiful. But her beauty was measured by the men she held dear to herself. It was not the outward beauty that captured her man’s attention.

The courtesan was taken care of on many levels. In return she took great care of her lovers.

In my opinion the most powerful of the secrets a courtesan has, is that she carries with her the secrets of all of her lovers. There is no greater feeling than to be the confidant of your man’s desires, sorrows, celebrations, fears and his sex. It is intoxicating and so very erotic to be the recipient of all that her lovers think and feel.

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Kris, The courtesan understands the appropriate path to seduction.She knows that by being high minded in all things aesthetic,she could attract the best suitors.She also understood the connection the arts have to sensuality and that by triggering those senses she could open the pathway to dynamic relationships;using this sense of excellence paved the way to greater,deeper intimacy.I had no idea what a courtesan was until meeting you and have since learned how fascinating they were and still are.Modern day culture has allowed todays courtesan to be independent and to use her compensation as she pleases.

Comment by Rod

My dear,

Thank you!

The most important factor is, that yes, there is a path to seduction. It is the journey to our sexual experience that we all want and need to feel.

The path to seduction . . .


Comment by Kris

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