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August 5, 2010, 9:04 am
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They say timing is everything.

Well, this has been an awful week of schedule changes, calls canceled, interruptions, etc.

I know that real life creeps in and can interrupt our kind of time, but this week has just been insane!

When I think I know my schedule, something comes along to humble me and my opinion of my own time.

Please know how sorry I am when it is on my end, that we cannot connect. I know that our timing is important on so many levels. I know that your window of alone time is sometimes very hard to come by, your mood, my mood, my alone time, different time zones, unexpected visitors, wow. It is a wonder we are ever able to get together. = ))

I can only hope that we use the frustrations of our kind of relationship for the positive. And, hopefully it will allow us to enjoy our connections even more, when we are able to be together.

I treasure our time together. Remember, I need it too.

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Wow are you talking to me directly? I appreciate your understanding. I do appreciate the continued connection and love it when the stars align and the magic of a call happens.

Comment by zee

And I so appreciate your understanding Zee. You said it perfectly. I love it when the timing does allow for ‘the magic of a call.’

Comment by Kris

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