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August 9, 2010, 3:54 pm
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A few questions and thoughts . . .

So, how does a good spanking make you feel? How does the sound of spanking make you feel? How does the sting make you feel? How does it make you feel if you are the one spanking? How does it feel to see the the bottom turn red; either your bottom or someone else? How does it make you feel if you are the one being spanked? Do you like to watch others being spanked? Does it make you excited to anticipate a spanking?   

I’m just wondering about the varying feelings and desires for spankings.  Or, did I just turn you off by the very thought of a good playful erotic spanking? = ) I find spanking very sensuous.

Spanking makes me wet.

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You did not in any way turn me off. On the contrary you reminded me of one of my favorite fantasies. Ever since 7th grade when I was spanked (paddled) by my math teacher I have fantasied about being spanked by women. She was not a large woman by she packed a powerful wallop with the 12″ wooden paddle with holes in it. And she continued until she saw tears in my eyes. It may have been a girl friend, my spouse or a female employee by I have over the last 50 years had fantasies about submitting to a bare ass spanking in humbling positions. Thanks for bringing back 50 yr. old memories. Your turn is next.

Comment by ylbm

My dear,

That is a precious memory. I hope you use it often in your intimate alone time. I love it. It also saddens me for you, as I so wish you were able to get that spanking. = ))

Comment by Kris

you know that is my zone. My hand on a bare red bottom, the smooth skin, the sound, the quiver and what follows. Thank you for this most delicious post. You are the best at what you do.

Comment by zee

What a beautiful visual you paint. I so enjoy your zone. = )

Comment by Kris

The thought of you administering a hard bare bottom spanking with me over your knee is something that puts me to sleep many a night.

Comment by ylbm

Yummy visual!!

While I do love living alone, there are some things that living alone just can’t do for you. Spanking or being spanked, is one of them. = ) I love the old fashioned picture of the ladies…their clothing is hot to me.

Comment by Kris

Thought of you in old fashioned clothing draped over my lap is very enticing now that I think of it. Something else for me to take to bed with me tonight.

Comment by ylbm

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