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Where Are You?
August 16, 2010, 5:57 pm
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OK, I know this is going to sound weird. And, it may appear that I am crossing a line here.

I have been enjoying my profession for awhile now. And, in that time I have had many men come and go, (no pun intended here) for many reasons. = ))

You break up, you call me. You divorce, you call me. You find a girlfriend, you don’t call – for awhile. I could paint and insert a plethora of scenarios, but I think you get the picture.

And, sadly sometimes my men die. I have found that out in odd ways, that’s for sure.

I must say, and I know I’ve no rights here, but when I don’t hear from some of you for long periods, it is not out of nosiness that I want to hear you. It is out of care, concern, and the sincere hope that you and your life are going well. And yes, while I do miss you in ‘our’ way, I always want to know that you are all right, in every way.

I always want you to experience the best, and have the best experiences.

I do understand that our ‘real’ lives take us on journeys that are very separate from the ones you and I take. And I have great respect for your real lives. I want you to be happy and find fulfillment personally and professionally.

So yes, I do worry about you. And yes, I do care about you.

Never, forget that.

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I know you care. Why, oh why, did I wait so long? I miss your sweet voice.


Comment by Jim


Thank you my dear. And hopefully you won’t wait so long, for the next time. = )

I so enjoy you sweetie.


Comment by Kris

You sale yourself short when you refer to my “real life”. My dear you are part my real life, just not as visible as other parts.
We should talk……

Comment by ylbm

You my dear, put that beautifully. Thank you. I am a part of your real life . . .

Have a wonderful day.


Comment by Kris

Our conversations have enhanced my real life. In talking to you I have been able to discover my true sexual identity. It was there all along, when you saw it you helped me understand, accept and embrace it.

Comment by ppboy

Oh sweetie, thank you.

I do believe when we embrace our sexual selves, and learn how to discover, define and enjoy that person, our whole life will take on a better balance.

I am happy that you discovered that to be true for yourself.


Comment by Kris

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