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Spaghetti Sauce
September 8, 2010, 6:20 pm
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I know. My bad. Those who really know me would not believe this.

It is only 4ish in the afternoon, and I have had 3 or maybe 4 glasses of wine. And, hard as it may be to believe after that confession, I truly do not drink.

It started simply enough. I decided to make a delicious pot of home made vegan spaghetti sauce for the freezer. I had so many tomatoes to use up. I decided to add some wine to the sauce. I took a little sip to decide about the spices to add, and that was that.

The sauce is simply delicious. It is one of those rare moments I wish I did not live alone.

I was taking a taste and some of it dribbled all over my off white t-shirt. Damn. I took it off, and I decided to leave it off and poured myself some more wine. The wine tasted so refreshing and being shirtless, felt so liberating and beautiful.

I laid on the couch to watch a movie I had taped. That is when I saw my reflection in the glass doors of a newly acquired book case I had bought. My breasts were hanging to the sides. Yes, I am 50, and they are real and warm and my breasts do hang. I was watching me, looking at my breasts. I began thinking of how I would look if I do in fact take that trip to the nude beach in December for the holidays, as I had been invited.
“Is this how I will look to others?”, I thought. I liked it. No, my body is not tight, nor do I think it is sexy. But, it is mine, and it felt good to see it so freely.

It made me think of how I wanted to be seen on the nude beach. I began to think of the kind of lover that I would I want. The kind that would love and worship my breasts.

Sometimes, only sometimes I do hate living alone. I would want to be found like that on my couch.

And yes, the picture is me.

September 7, 2010, 11:45 pm
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Fall is definitely in the air. The mornings and the evenings are so much cooler. I just love it. You can feel the crispness in the air.

My garden has finally calmed down. However, I am not complaining. My abundant bounty has been over flowing this summer and is so delicious. It has been a bit time consuming to either freeze, can, jam, dry etc . . .
I learned that the produce does not wait for your schedule. You schedule your life around your ripening produce.

Family visitors and the summer holiday BBQ’s are mostly done.

Now perhaps I can allow myself to think about sex. = )

So many wonderful thoughts and ideas to catch up on.