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October 14, 2010, 7:10 pm
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“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume              

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All the worlds a stage,and all the men and women merely players:they have their exits and entrances,and one man in his time plays many parts,his acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Comment by Rod


I love that!! Thank you. = )) I chose some fun masks to wear for myself . . . but we wear all kinds of masks. Sometimes, we wear more than one mask at a time.

Comment by Kris

Yes,most social scientists will tell you we are all “role players”,each deciding what we want to be.Role playing is fun.How fitting is this mask theme for Halloween?Nice timing kris.

Comment by Rod

Thank you my dear. I hope you had a spooky fun Halloween. = )

Comment by Kris

We all wear a mask. Many of us wear many masks. The problem is not wearing the mask. The problem is when you are not aware you are wearing a mask.

Comment by ylbm

You are right sweetie. During the course of a day, we can wear many different masks. And yes, we take a chance when we don’t wear our mask. I think it is sad when we can’t tell which mask we have on. But, how enlightened we become when we know and learn the difference.

Comment by Kris

I believe more people need to let go of the masks, the world would be a better place….

Comment by Chris

And that my dear, I hope I can help with. At least when you are with me, you don’t need the mask. = ) I enjoy you just the way you are.

Comment by Kris


You are a beautiful person, inside & outside, with or without a mask, period. As a phone companion, you just simply the best!

Thanks for being you & always being there for me.


Comment by Jimbo

Thank you so much Jimbo. Your words are so kind. = )

Comment by Kris

We all wear masks, sometimes to hide our true feelings , sometimes to project our true feelings. I would love to be there to just peek behind Kris’ mask, just once

Comment by Paul


I do think that is one of the biggest reasons we wear masks, to protect us. Therefore, you most likely won’t get a peek. = )) But, then again one can never say never. = )

Comment by Kris

Love the cat mask. I also like the grin beneath it.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

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