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Your First
November 28, 2010, 11:04 am
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Last week I attended a retirement/50th birthday party for a dear friend from junior high and high school. It was a joy seeing her again and it was awesome seeing many of our old friends from school. We have all grown up, have jobs, kids, grand kids, wives, husbands, divorces, sorrows and joys. It had been over 30 years since I had seen some of them. In every way, every single one of them was so beautiful.

There was one particular man there with his absolutely beautiful wife. He has made a very good life for himself and their family. We all hugged, talked and enjoyed our trips down memory lane. After a few drinks – he whispered in my ear that since I was his first, he wanted me to know that he Never forgot that. I was so touched. It made me blush. It’s funny – you wouldn’t believe the things I can talk about, and yet my own sexual experiences can make me blush. I have never understood that about myself. So to hear that for around a little more than 30 years later you find that you are a positive wonderful memory for someones first sexual experience, there are just no words to describe how it felt. I was honored to be held in such high regard and to always be a part of his sexual journey.

Our first is such a defining moment in our sexual journey. For good or bad, it is our sexual beginning.

So it got me thinking. Do we ever forget our first? Do you remember your first?

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Yes,I do remember my first.For me,it was later in life.I was in college.I still know this woman and also see her at reunions.She has no idea that I was her virgin.I just remember how nice she smelled (perfume) and how tight she was.

Comment by Rod


I am so glad your first is a good memory for you.

Comment by Kris

My first time is impossible to forget. All the wrong things happened to lead up to it. And I wound up loosing my virginity to a woman twice my age.

Comment by ppboy

Our first can leave us happy and wanting more, or confused and scared. It is an important part of sexual path.


Comment by Kris

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