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Naughty or Nice
December 19, 2010, 12:01 pm
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Why can’t I be both? I know, there’s me again, wanting to have it all. = )

I am nice.
I try to do good things all year, and not just at holiday time, as I find giving of yourself only at the holidays very hypocritical. This last couple of years I have family members that have required a more hands on amount of care – just as we all do. I have volunteered at a women shelter since 1995. It is important to me that people smile and have nice moments in their days – so I send out a lot of cards. I just love snail mail. We all do. I send a book to my young nieces every week. I want to impart to them a love of books and reading. I want them to follow the far away places as they are beckoned towards a journey that they will never forget. Imaginations and fantasy at its best. Gee, I see no correlation to my chosen profession. = )

I am Naughty.
Yes, tis but too true. To be judged by polite society, I am very naughty. Having been a nanny for 27 years, I truly do understand the difference between naughty and nice. Now, I am 50, lets look at that wonderful word, naughty.

Naughty – is an adjective – meaning: disobedient; mischievous; and playfully improper.

Can you tell what descriptions I like the most?

Disobedient – I suspect I can be accused of that, many times. I do like to buck the system, so to speak. I have found, as even children learn quickly, that to be a bit disobedient – gets you attention, can make some changes and allows you to be heard. However, one can be disobedient with out being disrespectful. Disobedient simply means that you are refusing to obey at the moment. Some things should not be obeyed. Some things do need to be changed. Sometimes you need to be heard.

Mischievous – Inclined to playful action such as teasing, or bothersome behavior. And what a fun word. Just saying the word sounds naughty. It makes me think of Tinker Bell, and her mischievous behavior towards any possible rival of Peter Pans attentions. Yes, I can be mischievous. I do love teasing – and denial – as many of you know only too well. = )

Playfully Improper – Oh how I loved seeing this description for naughty! I love that thought of being improper. As much as I hate labels, I sincerely hope I am labeled and go down in history for being improper. That would make me happy. Strong, confident and vocal women have been thought to be improper for centuries. I am in great company.

So, naughty or nice. Why can’t I have it all? I’ll take both. And I will proudly wear both labels.

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Dear Kris
For me, in relation to you, Naughty or Nice are not diametrically opposed but find in you a wonderful harmony – a symphony – a juxtaposition, a union, if you like, in one person which all contributes to make you the sensual, erotic and beautiful woman that you are and that I find so compelling and attractive! Please, always and forever be Naughty and Nice but, it is your Naughtiness that I like most of all!! Mike x

Comment by Mike


You made my day! I will give it my best effort to be naughty, just for you. = )


Comment by Kris yes you can be naughty and nice…why not, and I hope I can help in both worlds….

Doesn’t this kind of go with your line in the sand expression….as in…fuck the line in the sand….be who you want, when you want, and be true to yourself…

Comment by Chris



One of my most favorite philosophies in life – “To Thine Own Self Be True”

And, I look forward to your ‘help.’ = )


Comment by Kris

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