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Our Naked Bodies
January 4, 2011, 7:36 am
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I am in heaven.

No judgments, no hypocrisy, no pretense of any kind. And, this is not just because I am in Mexico, all though that helps. Frankly anywhere outside of the USA, and you have generally found an all inclusive and open minded thought process. But, I happen to be staying at a nude resort.

I speak often of the masks we wear to hide ourselves. It never dawned on me how our clothing is designed to do the very same. We are born naked, and then we are instantly swaddled. Now, at that moment there are very real reasons why we must be covered warmly and tightly held. But as we grow, always clothed, are we ever truly free? There is this amazing eye opening revelation one goes through walking around nude in front of total strangers. Talking, eating, lying on the beach, hugging others in greetings and good byes, all nude.

My how we allow our clothing to foolishly define us.

I am loving being nude. There is a natural sensual feel to being nude. And, I could never have imagined I would be the one to say that.

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What a wonderful experience for you. Enjoy it… take it all in.

and then be sure to share, for those of us who can only experience it vicariously through you.

Happy new year


Comment by Chris

And, Happy New Year to you Chris.

I will do my best to allow you to feel it through me.

Just as you allow me to feel you.

Vicariously – happily it goes both ways.


Comment by Kris

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