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January 19, 2011, 10:24 am
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They say ‘Home is Where the Heart is.’ I have always loved that sentiment. I absolutely love my home. It is where I live, work, entertain family and friends, write, rest, garden – my true sanctuary. My heart is here. My heart is the core of my home.
There is something I have been learning to appreciate – It is about living in the moment.
Mexico had my heart for a week. There is no doubt of that. To fully
embrace and enjoy all of what living for a week at a nude resort can offer you, you must give yourself over to it.
I now miss the complete abandonment of that week. Bliss.
I am back home now, to another part of my heart – which I fully embrace with all of it’s happiness, fulfillment and the constraints in society. I am happy in my home, but it is in a very different way.
I love that I am learning to live in the moment. We miss the many stirring moments offered to us if we do not fully embrace our moments. Five years ago, even two years ago – I would have never, I mean never gone to a nude resort. I had tons of excuses why I shouldn’t. I found that none of those excuses mattered.
I cannot believe what I would have missed by not going. Yes, I am home. Yes, I love my home. But, by stepping out of my comfort zone I now have such fond memories and I was able to give myself over to a truly life changing experience that I carry in my heart, forever.

I can’t wait to go back home. = )

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Dear Kris, “To everything,there is a season”,(Simon and Garfunkle).It was your time to get away.Going away brings with it a renewed fondness for home. Ultimately,there is nothing like your own four walls.

Comment by Rod

Hi there sweetie,

Yes, it does feel good to get home. But, I am happy that I can appreciate the new ‘homes’ we can experience in this life – if even for a week. = ))


Comment by Kris

“Home is a place where you grow up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to get back to”.

Enjoy being home. Its great to have you back.

Comment by ylbm

Hi there –

And yes! I love that sentiment.


Comment by Kris

I like the sentiment expressed in this posting. Like me, Kris, you try to live in the present moment – to relish each and every second.

Comment by Todd


That is so true. You really need to embrace the moment you are in. You need to be open to all of the differences, the community, the foods, the lifestyles, the beliefs – of the moment. To do so won’t change your core philosophies, but it just might expand your mind. Awesome lessons are right in front of us for us to learn.

I am glad that you too, understand that.


Comment by Kris

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