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The Release
February 20, 2011, 6:04 pm
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The release of a huge self induced orgasm has nothing to do with sex, and yet it has everything to do with sex.

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A “release” with you Kris, is pure ecstasy!


Comment by Jimbo

That kind of a ‘release’, is good for the mind, body and soul. It allows you a moment to just be quiet and feel the relaxing after affects of the release. I think everyone should orgasm at least once a day. =)

Comment by Kris

A mutual release with Kris would be quite the experience, based on what I’ve read. Hopefully, I will soon find out for myself.

Comment by Todd


Every release we have is for a different reason.

I hope that together you and I can embrace each of those differences.


Comment by Kris

Kris, Self induced orgasms do vary.But inevitably they are celebrations.The big question is,”the celebration of what?”.A woman who has dieted and lost weight for example,may want to celebrate her new body by touching herself.A man who has been successful and given a raise may want to celebrate his prowess by
touching one off.Others may want an orgasm to medicate,to have a celebration of feeling good when their lives are devoid of what they really want or need.Classic masturbation for men is mostly motivated by a longing for women or sex of course and involves the celebration of the female form.For woman it is more abstract and more complex.She may want to come knowing she was being watched lustfully by a stranger at the bank. But yes Kris,it
is still a celebration of something.

Comment by Rod

Then my dear Rod, we should all celebrate often. = ) I love how beautifully you wrote. Thank you.


Comment by Kris

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