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You Should Be Kissed and Often . . .
April 4, 2011, 6:21 pm
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and by someone who knows how.

Rhett Butler – what a man.

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Someone said “a kiss is just a kiss”. That is unless it is by someone who really knows how to kiss & I bet you know how to kiss. How about a lesson?

Comment by ylbm

It had been years since I had seen Gone With the Wind. It was a treat to watch it again. When Rhett spoke that line it just about took my breath away.
Of course what I find fascinating is that even repeat movies touch us differently depending on our age, changes in our lives, moods at the time etc.
The kiss is a conversation in itself. It requires the communication of listening and speaking, all with our lips.


I like to think I am a good kisser. =)

Comment by Kris

I can only imagine.

Comment by ylbm

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