The Phone Courtesan

Mutual Masturbation

How beautiful those two words are.

Doesn’t masturbating in front of our partner also feed that taboo voyeur in us all? How sexy to know that you are sharing yourself, giving yourself and allowing someone to watch how fucking hot you are feeling.

I love watching men masturbate. I love seeing you stroke your cock. I can see the hardness grow. I love seeing the wetness of your cock. It tells me just how hot you are feeling.

Stroke it a little bit more. Slowly – enjoy the entire length of your cock. Make it feel good for me. Touch me with that wet cock head. I want to feel that wet cock head rubbed all over my body. I want to see your cock rubbed on my inner thighs, my pussy, and down over onto my ass.

Now, pay attention to how wet your masturbating gets my pussy. I feed off of you. I watch you and it makes me hotter. I can feel the changes in my pussy – the wetness, my outer lips swell, and the need to move in a rhythm.

How fucking wonderful to spread my legs and share that with you.

I love making your cock hard.

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Wow Kris, what a beautiful stride you are in…harness it…ride it…enjoy it.

Comment by Rod

You are so sweet. It does feel good when you are in the stride of ‘it.’

And believe me, I do plan to enjoy it.

Bring on May! Not just for more of spring and gardening, but wow – lets open up our sexual flood gates. I know I need it. =)


Comment by Kris

You are sure on a hot roll now Kris & have me (and others too, I am sure) mentally erect too! Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

Why thank you sir – and I hope that erect front you are showing off, does mean you are happy to see me. =)

I love Mae West!


Comment by Kris

What beautiful thoughts and images you protray. If only everyone could be so open minded and acceptable. Why is the world so closed to the simple pleasures that we all can and should experience and enjoy? Have a great weekend.

Comment by ylm

My dear sweetie,

I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of closed minded people. It is hard to break down barriers. There are so many reasons for them to have been built up.

And masturbating – yes – a very simple sweet pleasure. Enjoy!


Comment by Kris

Does seeing my erection strain against the tightness of my cockring make you any wetter?

Comment by PPBoy

I appreciate anything you do that purposefully delays and enhances your own pleasure. =)


Comment by Kris

i Absolutely LOVE to be watched while i am masturbating , God does it turn me on …love having a audience during sex …It is fantastic.

Comment by fliedermaus

In those situations it is made hotter because there is clearly a shared sexual energy in the room. That my dear is hot. Even the non participating voyeurs are enjoying the moment. Trust me.


Comment by Kris

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