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The Timing
May 14, 2011, 11:09 am
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The timing of your masturbation? Is it just when the mood strikes you? Sadly, I suspect we don’t always have that kind of availability in our lives.

Are weekends the best time for you? Is it during week? And would it be days, evenings or mornings?

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Mornings are irresistable times for heavenly stroking.My hormonal levels are highest from waking to 11:00 AM…yes Saturdays are best for the freedom they provide to take your time,and to reflect and savor… stroke and them stop and plan a return uninhibited.Masturbation is best when your world is going well,and you feel good about how things are.As for the mood,I know from how I react to a woman’s hot bottom if its time!!!

Comment by Rod

How Beautiful Rod. I love that you know your body so well. I agree that it is best when you are feeling great, and I find it can feel very good as a relaxer should you be in need of the relaxing. And yes, a woman’s bottom is a very powerful place. =)


Comment by Kris

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