The Phone Courtesan

A Life of its Own

I would imagine that since we are all adults now, that you have all ready known this about your cock for a long time. I find your cock fascinating to watch. And, in the beginning it had to have been fascinating for you too. Yet, I can only imagine how many inopportune times that your cock really took on a life of its own.

While you are getting aroused and hard, that is how it looks to me. It is as if your cock is a separate entity, a body part demanding equal attention and respect. It has needs that can override all thoughts and processing. If it is perhaps one of those inopportune times, you can usually eventually divert its attention, with promises to come out and play at a later time.

When you finally can allow your cock to become hard and receive the recognition it is demanding, how alluring and enticing he becomes. It begs for your mindful diligence, your guidance, your direction.

At least you think you are the one steering the hardness, but in reality your cock is proving once again that it has a life of its own.

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Yes,an erection has no conscience.It is not rational.Our cocks are both our weakness and our strength.They provide great life giving energy,and yet,can be lead astray so easily with the right words,visions and circumstances.I love feeling the power you have over me and my cock.

Comment by Rod

My dear,

When we are together, or you read my words,I love that you let me have that power over your cock. Thank you.

You describe your cock beautifully.


Comment by Kris

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