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May 24, 2011, 7:15 am
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Yes, it is still the magical month of May, embracing masturbation.

So, what are some things you think about when you masturbate?

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What I think about when I masturbate has evolved.When I was younger,it was all about tits and ass,blowjobs and mechanical fucking.Today,its about a meeting of the minds.Its about reliving a hot encounter or creating a fantasy that would be smouldering to play out.My view of eroticism has a brain it never had when I was twenty.

Comment by Rod


You bring up a great point. Our fantasies evolve as we do. I think we all change them around and bring new levels of eroticism to them as we get older. And, as we bring new experiences to our palate.

Enjoy my dear. =))


Comment by Kris

My focus is on pleasing my mate (mistress). What will please her? What can I do to make her cum? How many organisms will she be able to enjoy before I cum? Her satisfaction is ever so important.

Comment by ylbm

Ahhh, ylbm. You are so right. That is another true sign of maturity and sexual growth. I find it is so much hotter when I am concentrating on my partners pleasure. Imagine when both people are working at pleasing the other. It is so sexually rewarding when you please your partner. When I accomplish that, it makes me hot. =))


Comment by Kris

What I think about when I masturbate depends on my mood. Sometimes it sexual pleasure in general, other times my mind is blank and the feeling of my hand is all I care about. If I’m masturbating to a photo I like to fantasize that the woman is watching my and telling me how to stroke myself. I have found that I enjoy being watched and told how to stroke, it’s an open and honest experience with the right person.

Comment by PPBoy


You are right. It is a very open and honest exchange when you can share your masturbation session with someone. I love being the guiding hand through all the steps it takes to feel that final out cum.


Comment by Kris

Oh no…the last day of May…what do we think about…I believe a lot of it to be mood dependent…thinking of that forbidden fantasy…wearing something you shouldn’t, opening up and sharing…watching….stroking with another man or t-girl…all while being watched….let your mind wander and the fun is endless….

What do you think about my dear??? 🙂

Comment by Chris


Yes, it was the last day of May. I do hope you used it wisely. =)

I agree – moods truly dictate our level of masturbation in every way, including how often or if we are even ‘in the mood.’

Having said that, a nice sexy jerk off session allowing yourself to venture into all the places you fantasize about – has to be some of the most harmless fun we are allowed to have on this planet.

Yes, let your mind wander into the most of forbidden places. But, I want to talk with you and watch it unfold with you. =)

I love helping to guide your taboo world.


Comment by Kris

Well usually i think about pretty graphic savage stuff …being pounded in the ass by a nice hard cock while nipples are being played with and i am moaning and writhing like a cat in heat ….

Comment by fliedermaus

My dear in the world of fantasy you can get, give, be, taste, see, feel – anything you want to. Enjoy my dear!!


Comment by Kris

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