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Sun Dresses
June 13, 2011, 9:10 am
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I love sun dresses. Even more so then wearing dresses in the winter. It is hot outside, they flow around your body, and I am, more inclined to not wear my bra and yes – most of the time not even my panties.

I love the thought of how easily accessible everything is for a peek, a light touch or for me to tease you with.

However, I need to hit the stair master even more. While I love jiggles and a womanly body, I have enjoyed far too much food this last winter.

I am off to work in the garden – yes in a sun dress – and yes – nothing underneath.

I love sun dresses.

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Kris, you once again have me “mentally erect” just picturing & fantasizing you in a beautiful “sun dress” with nothing else on or underneath. And you know me, I love the real “jiggles” & curves of
a mature woman’s body too.

Big & Hard Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

My sweet Jimbo –

Thank you for helping to make me feel sexy. You made me smile.

Getting older is in many ways very liberating of how we feel about ourselves and the concerns we carry with us about how others look at us.

Enjoy your day sweetie!


Comment by Kris

Kris, You give a guy so much to think about. The thought of a peak, a touch, a feel makes my head swim. And don’t worry about those jiggles. I enjoy the feel of a real woman. The body of a full, mature woman has so much to offer. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Comment by ylbm

My sweet ylbm!

It really does feel deliciously naughty to have that kind of erotic control over a man.

Today I even mowed the lawn in my sundress with nothing underneath. That is a new one, even for me.

Enjoy these summer days.


Comment by Kris

My minds eye says that your sun dress may be a floral print,or a light summer color to contrast your seasoned tan.Ahhh yes,I can see it and how your womanly body flows under the loose fabric.Because it is without restraint,your attitude in it is likewise.Its what summer is for…untamed expression in a sun dress.

Comment by Rod

Beautifully put my dear. =)


Comment by Kris

O how I love summer and sun dresses. I bet the wind and breezes feel wonderful as they pass thru that beautiful body. I would love to catch sight of that stong breeze which exposes what my toungue loves to taste and massage. Miss the time I spent there!


Comment by Robert


You are so right. It is so cool, calming and relaxing feeling the breezes and air, everywhere on my body. And, it makes me feel as though I am enjoying a very naughty secret when I can feel the breeze between my legs.


Comment by Kris

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