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Spaghetti Sauce Blog From September 2010 = Breast Picture
June 15, 2011, 10:33 am
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I love seeing on my blog what topics my readers go to and what you all say to me when I write.

I must say, that the blog labeled Spaghetti Sauce – is the one and only, so far, picture of my breasts.

I love writing about my breasts, and how they feel to me. It is a bit selfish I know, but I so enjoy my breasts. Summer time and the summer clothing makes me think about them even more.

But, I guess not many people are interested in Spaghetti Sauce.

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The next time I see someone mowing with a smile on their face I will wonder what is going on under………..

You love writing about you breasts and I love thinking about them. I am one of those that return to the “Spaghetti Sauce” picture. And now you give me another glorious vision. You are one hell of a woman.

Comment by ylbm

My dear,

It is you who have made me smile. =)

Keep enjoying those visions.


Comment by Kris

The picture you posted of your breasts….is etched into my memory…absolutely stunningly sexy….I have something that would fit great in between them…

Be good…..


Comment by Chris


Happily, I do believe I know what you are referring to.

And my dear, I am always good. =)


Comment by Kris

lol i am addicted to my blog to, i love to analyse all the data that comes in and see what people like and dont! and by the way….i love spaghetti sauce and boobs! im italian! LOL

Comment by Andrea

It has always been a delicious combination.=)

Comment by Kris

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