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Real Life vs Fantasy Life
September 26, 2011, 7:52 am
Filed under: Sex is a Conversation

I love my fantasy life. I love my profession. I so enjoy all of the sexy thoughts that you bring to me all ready in hand, or that we grow together.

But alas, real life can interrupt our fantasy world. Visiting family here, my going to visit other family, pruning the fall trees and bushes, gardening, and of course all of the unexpected adventures that can pop up while we are living a life.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It has been absolutely beautiful here.

I apologize for my sometimes ‘absent appearance’, if that makes sense. 🙂 Almost a dichotomy in terms. In reality I sometimes do feel split in two. No different than any of us, as we are all traveling daily in our lives, wearing many hats and harboring many kinds of moods.

So, on to fall, and with the impending slow down of winter approaching, ughhhh, but – looking forward to the hibernating of snuggling under covers and enjoying highly erotic and sexy moments with you.

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A healthy fantasy life balances out the real life, and can often enhance it. Fantasy can give us what we crave, but just can’t achieve in real life.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

Very well put my dear Boy. : )

I believe being allowed to feeling and enjoying our fantasies is very important on our path to having a balanced and fulfilling life.


Comment by Kris

I do like how you embrace the seasons. As autumn’s sun moves lower in our sky, it loses its intensity. As it mellows, it actually moves closer to the earth. It invites us to slow down after harvest and to mellow as well. It is a time for reflection and intimacy. November is actually the busiest time for men hormonally….it’s a shame they made May masturbation month!

Comment by Rod


You made me see fall! I spent a beautiful fall day yesterday at a harvest festival, and it was so wondrous. It was warm and cool at the same time, bountiful harvests being uprooted and sold, music in celebrations, foods sold from tents, families enjoying the end of harvest.

Our seasons are an erotic dance. I do love each
season and all for different reasons. They bring out such different moods in us. Some, like summer are so incredibly busy. That is why I think fall is so sensual. A nice slow down to a season of hard work. Oh, to share the bounty of the harvest that has built up with a partner. And, I speak not only of the bounty of food.


Comment by Kris

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