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Bringing you to your knees
October 9, 2011, 11:55 am
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Why do certain strong men want and need even stronger women?

It really isn’t that complicated when you know and understand that world.

It brings me such delight. I relish owning that erotic power, while I am in the midst of owning you.

So intimate. So sexy. So loving.

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You know how to bring a man to his knees and have him enjoy it. I know and you know where your power lies. You are a very powerful woman and at the same time a very caring and loving woman. What a combination.

Comment by ylbm

YOU have made my day!! And, I shall continue to make you feel that power. : )

I so enjoy your submission.


Comment by Kris

You are indeed a very powerful Mistress. I relish being under your control and feminine authority. Being in stockings and on my knees for you is a privilege for a chosen few.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

In the matter of sexual relations,I think women are superior to men.The survival of the human race is dependent on her beauty.Her eyes,her curves,her lips and her voice all call the semen from the male.Her beauty is like Kryptonite to Superman.Mature women that understand this (like you Kris) know how to skillfully cultivate and preserve this power.Its beautiful to witness.

Comment by Rod

And, yes Rod, – it is beautiful to be a part of the entire process. I do believe that when women choose their mates, it is our power to keep the race going. And, we derive such pleasure in making that DNA choice to our own benefits. : )

Autumn – a new season – and a renewal of our sexual energies.


Comment by Kris

In one way it can be a way for him to achieve balance. By day, he is at work and doing business. He goes home to rest and relax and, later that same night, she asserts her will over him. He is no longer the boss, and she has become a Goddess.

During our calls, I feel a purging. As we finish the conversation; I feel embarrassed, humbled and free of ego. You must feel the confidence that only a woman knows after she has caused someone to be submissive to her. Your style of showing friendship and respect while being dominant causes me to listen to you and submit to you.

It has been suggested that most males have a hidden desire to be dominated by a woman. You make me feel that desire is nothing to be ashamed of, or something to hide from – only the natural order of things. Mistress, your ways humble and embarrass me more than any other dominant I have known.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

My dear,

I love what you shared! I also enjoy your insight into a very special world that few people understand, nor take the time to feel in themselves. It is not demeaning for manly men to allow a woman to show her true powers. It will only be of benefit for the man.

Your kind words, humble me. : )


Comment by Kris

Kris, in re-reading this post of almost 5 years past, I realize how much I miss being controlled by you & within you. I NEED to be owned by you and taught to worship your beauty and bow to the power that lies between you legs. Please take me back and let me submit to YOUR pleasures and wishes.

Comment by ylbm

My dearest, you were never let go. We all go through cycles, in our life, and in our sexual life. I am always here when you need me.

Comment by Kris

My need to submit to you never diminishes no matter how long the wait. You know where my thoughts lay.

Comment by ylbm

Ahhh yes,Kris does have that quality….there is a true authority in her voice.It is not the authority heard from a nasty boss,or a brassy police officer.Her influence is accomplished softly with uncommon knowledge and intuition.And,with disarming humility.She fills the void for those longing for true feminine presence wihout judgement or expectation.”Cum as you are” she would say,and enjoy!

Comment by Rod

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