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October 27, 2011, 9:22 am
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Yes, the month of breast awareness is about to pass us by. As I have written many times, I feel so lucky and yes even special, to have breasts. So, I am going to share with you a few more pictures of mine. I hope you enjoy.

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Yes, you truly are lucky & special to have such magnificent mature breasts & we are all lucky & special to be able to share them with you too.

If your robe could only talk!

Big Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

Good morning,

And thank you for such a positive response for me to wake up to! You are right. My breasts do belong to a mature woman, I love that description by the way. And, they are very real – just as I am. What an analogy to the ‘real’ me when I think about it. I am happy you liked the picture.

The robe was so perfect . . . soft, and warm. It was delicious against my skin. On top of all the snow we got this week, it seemed a perfect picture to post. : )


Comment by Kris

Oh my,Oh my,what a treat.Nice breasts speak for themselves.When they are accompanied by a warm smile…..ohh my!

Comment by Rod

Rod –

Thank you. I was so nervous for the pictures! I was embarrassed to expose my breasts for a photographer, as I have never done so before. But, the smile, the breasts, the sagging, : ) are all me. : ))


Comment by Kris

A classic photo. Beautiful breasts, soft hands and a “lets jump in bed” smile. What a beautiful person inside and out you are.

Comment by ylbm

You my dear are awesome!

“Lets jump in bed . . .” I love that thought.


Comment by Kris

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