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My goodness. What a Saturday.

All I wanted to do was a little research on spanking.

I came across a lovely little blog, that certainly meets my approval of spanking. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but they are from the good old days. I love how the bodies of women in those vintage days proudly display the upturned beautiful plump bottom. A real woman.

Then before you know it, I am in my bedroom with my jeans down, and my fleece off, and I find myself masturbating with my toys to the most delicious spanking fantasy.

So, go ahead, and look it over. Perhaps you will enjoy your own spanking fantasy. Perhaps you and I can even talk about it in the future.

You know what a good listener I am.

Boy, did I need that.

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Hey Lady, you know how to enjoy a Saturday. The image of you enjoying this is incredible. How are you as the enforcer?. ylbm

Comment by ylbm

You know my dear – you sometimes just have to go with the moment. And, I am so glad I did. It was just the kind of releases and thoughts that I needed to savor.

I love giving and receiving. :-))


Comment by Kris

Its a turn on knowing that those plump vintage bottoms got to you and carried you into an exciting unplanned event.

Comment by Rod


Believe me it was a turn on! It’s funny, but if anyone would have ‘witnessed or seen’ me that day, I would have blushed. But, yes, it was very erotic. I love it when a blog is truly well done, and not just full of sex, for the sake of it being a sex blog.


Comment by Kris

A mature woman’s bottom is very sexy, especially yours, Kris.


Comment by Big Jimbo


You are just a sweetie!

What I find so interesting is, on my body it is my bottom that I wish were in better shape, and not so plump, round and jiggly. And yet, the idea of being turned over a lap, and having my pantied or naked bottom being looked at, stroked, and spanked, makes me wet. The thought of my panties being brought down, and hearing the spanking sound, feeling the spanking sting just drives me crazy. Where does that desire come from? I love it!

Comment by Kris

It is a wonderful blog, thank you for drawing attention to it. I like these vintage photos and to imagine, what sounds of enjoyment and excitement both giver and receiver have had is a thrill. Besides I like the kind of bra, that women used in those days gone by.
Great Dane.

Comment by Great Dane

Welcome kind sir, and I hope you enjoy yourself while reading. Vintage lingerie, and spanking – a delicious combination.


Comment by Kris

Indeed I do, I would like to talk to you soon….
Great Dane

Comment by Great Dane

And I am looking forward to it. I just hate when ‘real life’ interferes with the time we could be enjoying! However, there is an excitement that can stir in us while we are anticipating that ‘something’ we look forward to.


Comment by Kris

I only know, what you are describing too well, from my own life.

Comment by Great Dane

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