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The Reafirming Renewal of Spring, 2012
April 1, 2012, 12:02 pm
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Yes, the first day of spring has cum and gone.

I had the greatest of intentions to write specifically on that day, but alas real life always finds a way to creep in and spoil my fun. Being an adult with a real life and real responsibilities is sometimes just too much fun. Remind me again, why we always wanted to grow up so quickly when we were kids?

It is just life. The good, the bad and the ugly. All three components are necessary – and I truly embrace them all. All of those experiences are what makes me, me. It has been said that what happens in the past that is painful has a great deal to do with what we are today. Very true words. Not to make us sad, but to keep us going.

Spring – My yard is exploding! My lilacs are just about to burst open. All of my trees have leaves creeping out reminding me of their shapes. My apple tree is full of white and dark pink blossoms. I know, I could go on and on, but I know you are witnessing the exact same wonderful reaffirmation that spring has in fact announced its arrival. And happily it gives us all hope and renewed energy. Spring is very sensual, very arousing.

Spring is known as a time of change. This year I am feeling it even more so. I am making one of the hugest changes I have ever made in my life. I am leaving my beloved state of Colorado and moving to the other side of The Mighty Mississippi. There are many factors contributing to this decision, and I am so very very excited. Now I share this with you for a few reasons. I realize you and I live in and enjoy our world in fantasy. And while I do love and respect that, and those defining lines, I also strive to make sure that we can can truly feel our time together as real as we can. I need that. I also in the confines of those boundaries have always tried to be as real and honest as I can be. So, while I am moving I will most likely want to be talking about that, and my new surroundings. I do realize that too much information, TMI, can spoil the fantasy. But, if I can put my real breasts on my blog, I find there is not much left to imagine.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding as I am packing, moving and still wanting to meet your needs. Again, I need that. Forgive me if it is harder for us to find time to connect. Please keep trying – I do very much want to be with you.

Enjoy, embrace, and savor the spring you have in your area.

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Kris,with every major change in life,something is lost and something is gained. Everything is a trade-off. I cannot think of a better time of year to make a move…as you say… during a season of renewal. Thinking and wishing the best for you.

Comment by Rod

Thank you, Thank you sweetie. You are so right. It is perfect timing. I am nervous and so very excited!


Comment by Kris

May your move go smoothly.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

Thank you! I know it will. But wow, moving – is a huge change. : )

You take good care of you.


Comment by Kris


Congrats & the best of luck with your move. Consider it as the begining of a new chapter in your book of life.


Comment by Big Jimbo

You are so right Jimbo! It is a new chapter, and one that I am excited to see unfold.
Bring on the new adventures!


Comment by Kris

Colorado will miss you.

Comment by ylbm

Thank you ylbm! I will miss Colorado. After living here for 51 1/2 years, I know it will be a huge change. A change and a new direction I am looking forward to embracing. Don’t forget, I will always be there for you. : )


Comment by Kris

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