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F**k it!!
April 24, 2012, 8:26 am
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Yes, I said it, Fuck It. Those who know me, know my love of using this amazing wonderfully powerful word.

For a new revolution of freedom in yourself, read F**k it, by John C. Parkin. I am loving it. I have always felt such freedoms and liberation in the use of that word, it is lovely to have that validated.

Fuck, is such a beautiful word.

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Yes, Kris “fuck is such a beautiful word”, especially when you say it!

Big Jimbo

Comment by Jimbo

Aw, Jimbo –

Thank you!


Comment by Kris

Yes,the word fuck is very versatile.Often use as a verb mostly to show action.It can be used as an adverb,describing an adjective,”cindy is fucking beautiful.Or,as a transitive verb,”Shirley fucks”.It can be used to describe fraud,”I got fucked at the used car lot”.Or disdain”,Oh,fuck it”.Inquiry,”who the fuck was that?” Or every word in a sentence,”fuck the fucking fuckers”.So go ahead Kris,use the word proudly during your trying ordeal.You’ll feel better

Comment by Rod


You have no idea how many times I said it over this last week!!!

Fuck, has and always will be one of my favorite words to use.


Comment by Kris

The word fuck takes on so many different meanings when said by a woman. The way she says it and the look in the eyes says it all.

Comment by David

Terrible as it may sound, I truly believe ‘Fuck’ is one of my all time favorite words. It can encompass such a range of emotions, needs and desires.

Comment by Kris

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