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Moving and Spanking
May 6, 2012, 8:53 am
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Now just how do those two go together in my mind??

Moving is not sexy – no two ways about it. It is tiring, and back breaking work. it is emotionally exhausting, etc. etc. etc!

Why is it so hot to think that all the times I am bent over picking up boxes, or rifling through them that it would be so lovely to have a little swat placed on my plump bottom?

I must admit, masturbating is such a lovey stress releaser!! I sleep better and awake ready to face another mound of boxes. And oh how I wish for another round of spanking on my round behind. Just to feel the jiggle and that sweet sting left behind after a nice set of swats.

Long live fantasy!!

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Kris, the thought & mental visual of you bending over & exposing that beautiful plump mature bottom of yours, gives me many naughty ideas, spanking you is only just one on them.

You just be careful & take care, we need you healthy.

Mentally erect Big Jimbo

Comment by Jimbo


YOU make me feel cared for, and sexy! I thank you.

Comment by Kris

Now that is something to think about. What a lovely sight that would be.

Comment by ylbm


I do so love where you are, and where we go.

Comment by Kris

There is a very delicate boarder between pain and pleasure with spanking.The fantasy is very much like the one where a submissive male must endure the pain of an xtra large strap-on.The pain and fright at first morphs into intense pleasure.With spanking, just under that sore crimson bottom,is velvety wetness.Likewise,how delightful for a woman with that strap-on to witness a glorious hard-on from her recipient.

Comment by Rod


it is a very fine line, and your sense and awareness of it, is simply sexy.

Comment by Kris

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